Old Settler Picnics Index

Old Settler's Association Records

Smith G. Minkler was the originator and patron of what came to be known as the "Old Settler's Picnic." The first old Settler's picnic was held in 1870, and the last was held in 1900. Originally it was agreed by the members of the association that membership should be limited to those who arrived in what became Kendall County before 1840. As the years passed, and death claimed many of the original members, the criterion for membership was relaxed to include those who had arrived in Kendall County between 1840 and 1855.

The articles and notices listed in the index of the Old Settler's Association represent all of those found. No reports were found for the years; 1871-1875 and 1895. In the latter case, the issue in which the report of the picnic should have appeared is among the missing issues of the Kendall County Record.

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