Old Yorkville Homes & Businesses: Miscellaneous Notes

Compiled by Elmer Dickson


Unless otherwise noted, the information below was acquired from Kendall County Courthouse records.

Information acquired from Kendall County Newspapers will appear in a border box like this one including the following citation at the top:
Source: Kendall County Newspapers


George M. Lane to Frances E. Lane, 80 by 193 feet on northwest quarter of section 33, August 1918.


John Esch to John E. & Annie S. Willis, part northwest quarter of section 33, September 1918.


James McClellan to Titus Howe, part of northwest quarter section 33, Bristol Township, August 18, 1843.


Master in Chancery to Orson Dolph, part of section 33-37-7, Yorkville, March 1903, $51.


Carrie B. Armbruster (Mrs. Jacob) to Julius C. Schlapp, part of the east half of the northeast quarter, section 32-37-7, Yorkville, December 1918, $2,300.

Julius C. Schlapp and wife to George E. and Annie Cook, part of the east half of the northeast quarter, section 32-37-7, Yorkville November 1922, $2,300.


Mrs. Bertha Tastad of Chicago has purchased the Mason property south of Mrs. Dhuse’s and is having a bungalow built there. At present she is living with her daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. Judge Arthur G. Larson.881


The new home for Mrs. Bertha Tastad has been completed.882


George Kosnick sold his smoke shop and billiard parlor last week to Harold “Harry” Hextell. The new manager took possession Saturday evening.883


George Mewhirter to Hattie A. Hibbard, part of the northwest quarter of section 33-37-7, Kendall Township, July 1920, $150.


George M. Hollenback to Lew “Wallace” Mason, part of the southwest quarter, section 33-37-7, Yorkville, December 1904.


George L. Needham to Jacob Armbruster, .28 acres of the southwest quarter of section 32-37-7, Yorkville, January 1913.


Justus Nading to Elmer E. Barrows, part of southwest quarter, section 33-37-7, Yorkville, October 1912, $1,000.


Robert Lormor and his wife Elizabeth and daughter, Ada, made their home in the spacious property across from the Smith homestead on the southwest side of Yorkville from about 1895 on.”884

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