Plattville Circa 1889

Kendall County Record, November 13, 1889
Edited and compiled by Elmer Dickson

Plattville wants:


A railroad;

A little more paint;

A hall for a lodge;

An outside lamp for the church; and

A telephone for communication with the outside world when it's muddy.

Not wanted:

A saloon;

Dead beats;

Unruly boys;

Lightning-rod fiends (traveling lightning rod salesmen); and

A boom (prosperity) with nothing but wind in it.

What we have:

Two stores;

A post office;

A shoe shop;

A creamery;

A school house;

A church;

A good school;

Two blacksmith shops;

A doctor; and

A preacher, and many good things too numerous to mention.

What we are going to have:

Three stores;

A meat market;

A new post office;

A Lodge hall; and

More citizens, and we trust a good time generally in all departments of our community life.

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