Plano's Industries in 1893

Published in the Kendall County Record, August 9, 1893
Edited and compiled by Elmer Dickson

The Harvester shops are still running with a fair crew of men. Business of all kinds is light at present, but most feel inclined to be hopeful and happy.

Marshall Melrose has secured "letters of patent" on three different styles of mowers.

Walter Hendricks has perfected his binder, upon which he has spent much time and brainwork. He has taken "letters of patent." Last Tuesday the first public trial was held on George Fisher's farm, and proved to be an immense success.

The Tenney and Harrison corn harvester is looked upon hopefully.

The Plano steel hay loader is proving all that is expected of it. Why shouldn't these make a combination that will bring Plano into the front ranks and keep her there?

We are informed that a new company and new works are maturing, and that John Habel of Yorkville will be foreman of the new plant.

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