History of Specie Grove

Specie Grove

"Our Former Greatness"
Published In The Kendall County Record, September 15, 1897
Author unknown
Edited and compiled by Elmer Dickson

There was a time when Specie Grove had a post office and a postmaster. Had a name on the maps. Had a large nursery and blacksmith shop. Much business was done in the timber. The residents were prominent in social, church and political life. Had spelling schools and a secret society. Furnished men to run the county offices and the Fair and was in every way one of the leading places in the county.

But for some years back it has not been heard of much and has lost in part some of its old time glory. While the post office may not be regained we yet have much to build upon, and by the aid of The Record correspondent, who promised to record everything from the goings and comings of our young people and their strange doings, to the weighty matters of statesmanship and the hard facts of life, we hope to again be known far and near, respected and feared and honored, as we deserve.

We must first be known, and nothing shall escape the watchful eye and sensitive ear of the news gatherer. We already have in the Grove region a justice of the peace, a constable, an ex-supervisor, prominent breeders of sheep and swine, several nice bachelors, lots of pretty girls, several large dairy men, a host of bright young men, fertile land and fines horses, a literary society and a woman's club. Now, why shouldn't we become famous?

Editor's notes. Specie Grove was a community rather than a village or town. It was named for Peter Specie who came to the area in 1830 or 1831. The grove ran in a general north-south direction. The bulk of Specie Grove was in Kendall Township with the remainder, the northern portion, spilling over into Oswego Township. It was located a mile or so east of present day Illinois Route 71. Minkler Road runs north and south through what was the approximate center of the grove. Illinois Route 126, runs east and west through the southern part of what was the grove.

The Specie Grove post office was located in the southeast quarter of section 10 of Kendall Township on John A. Newell's farm. John was the postmaster of the Specie Grove post office for many years. His farm was on the east side of present day Ashley Road a short distance south of Illinois Route 126.

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