Central/Central Station

Central (historical) unincorporated populated place in section 33, Lisbon Township. The Fox and Illinois Union Railroad operated between Yorkville and Morris during the period 1912-1938. At one time, Central enjoyed considerable business activity. Osten Dollar had a blacksmith shop and Severt Hauge operated a store at Central before selling out to Andrew Helgeson. The Central Grain and Supply Company operated a grain elevator, coal and lumber yard, etc. In addition, Central was a stop on the railroad line between Yorkville and Morris.

The citizens of Lisbon had long sought a railroad to serve their community. In 1907, a line was begun to connect Lisbon to a railroad. The line began near the Yorkville depot and curved southwest toward Lisbon. A roadbed was graded for some distance and about a mile and a half of track was actually laid before the enterprise came to a halt. The collapse of this line undoubtedly was a bitter disappointment to the people of Lisbon. They had expended considerable effort, not to mention money, to insure that Lisbon was served by a railroad. In the end, Lisbon was unable to secure the direct service of any railroad. The closest they came to being served by rail was the station at Central. The Central station was about two to two and half miles east of Lisbon. It was not unusual for citizens of Lisbon to walk to Central to catch the interurban service between Yorkville and Morris. From Yorkville, connections could be made to Aurora, Chicago and numerous other points.

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