The Old Settlers' Picnic 8-9-1899

Marred by the Rain.

The Old Settler's Gathering Failed Because of the Weather.

A Number of the Interested Ones Came to Yorkville, But No Formal Meeting Was Held.

Originally Published in the Kendall County Record, August 9, 1899.

Edited and Compiled by Elmer Dickson.

Never set a picnic in the new of the moon. If you do you will have weather. Not always bad weather, but it is more apt to change at that time than any other.

The officers of the Old Settlers' Association did not take this into consideration when they fixed the time of the annual picnic for the fifth of August, and it turned out to be a rainy day.

Dr. McClelland worked hard to make arrangements for the picnic. He was President, Secretary and Treasurer, and man of all work. He does not aspire to be re-elected, and the falling rain was a great disappointment to him as well as to the hundreds who set so much store on attending the most interesting gathering of the year. But it rained, and though a number came from a distance the picnic was postponed until the second day of the Kendall County Fair.

Wednesday, September 6, 1899, is the day when you are expected to visit Yorkville and try it over again. The Record printed a lot of pretty badges on blue ribbon with nicely gilt letters for the earlier settlers of the county who came here from 1829 to 1850. The first comers at the picnic on the 6th will get one of these badges. There are only a hundred of them so it looks like we will have to print more of them.

The President gathered up a list of those who came here in the earlier days, sent in by the various Vice-Presidents, and here are the names as far as known with the year of their coming.


George Mathias Hollenback.

Mary Ann (Reynolds) Newton, (Mrs. Ami D.)   (Too early; 1836?)     

Sarah (Hollenback) Boyd, (Mrs. William Price.)


C. J. Oliver Havenhill.

Joseph Naper Harris.

Justus W. House.


William Inscho.

Wilson Evans.

John Darnell.

William W. Harrison.

Edward S. Bullard.

Noah Evans.

Jane (Campbell) Inscho, (Mrs. Samuel, Sr.)

Daniel Darnell.

William A. Hollenback.


Mrs. Louisa (Wing) Newell, (Mrs. John A.)

John B. Robbins.

Fletcher Misner.

Levi S. Tomblin.


Gilbert 'Denslow' Henning.

Squires 'Addison' Ovitt.

Reuben Owen.

Dr. D. S. Jenks.

Mrs. D. S. Jenks.

George Washington Harris.

Sarah 'Jane' (Hoyt) Wheeler, (Mrs. Dr. Calvin.)

Mary Jane (Hollenback) Moulton, (Mrs. Oscar R.)

Andrew Scott.

Mary Jane (Claggett) Litsey, (Mrs. John T., Sr.)

Phebe Ann (Stowell) Barrows, (Mrs. George D.)

Henry Ricketson.


Andrew Hunter.

Martha (Cook) Atherton, (Mrs. Thomas.)

George Dunbar Barrows.

Frederick Buttrick Hills.

Polly 'Marian' (Howe) Cornell, (Mrs. James S.)


Elihu Griswold.

Sabrina S. (Serrine) Brown, (Mrs. Abram Z., Jr.)

Juliet (Southwick) Reynolds, (Mrs. Myron O.).

Delia Augusta (Southworth) Aldrich, (Mrs. Lyell T.)

Ellen Theodosia (Browne) Shepard, (Mrs. Jeremiah, II.)

David Cook.

Thomas Jefferson Phillips.

Lyell Thompson Aldrich.

Curtis Beecher.

Charles D. Southwick.


William L. Ford.

Susannah E. (Newton) Courtright, (2nd Mrs. Cornelius L.)

Adaline C. (Wood) Haymond, (Mrs. Clark B.)

Narvey Anderson.

Benjamin Bailey Courtright.

Lewis Morgan.


Edmund S. Seely.

Harriet Emeline (Norris) Richardson (Mrs. Edward Symmes Lang)

Mary Elizabeth (Scofield) (Hopper), (Mrs. Robert S.)

Mary (Kimble) Morgan, (Mrs. John H., Sr.)

Asher Douglas Havenhill.

Jeremiah Keck.

Lovina (Trumbo) Matlock, (Mrs. West W.)


Samuel Cooney.

Mrs. Herman Osmondson.

Mrs. Mary Kennedy.


Mrs. Lewis Rickard.

Lewis Rickard.

Mrs. Sheldon Hiram Wheeler.

Mrs. Anna Scofield.


John Dunn.

Mrs. Rollin M. Wheeler.

Rollin Mason Wheeler.

William Grimwood.


Mrs. Ann Gray.

Martin Bingham.

H. Munson.

Mrs. Anna E. Gates.

S. Bingham.

Mrs. H. Prickett.

Mrs. Avis Johnson.

C. F. Shaver.


Mrs. Eleazer H. Austin.

Mrs. Frank Seely.

John Thomas.

S. E. Walker.

James Scofield.

Simeon Brown.

Stephen F. Ashley.

Mrs. B. B. Courtright.

S. W. Alford.

John A. Wheeler.

Sheldon Hiram Wheeler.


Sebra Whitlock.

Matthew Budd.

John C. Shaw.

Joseph Beattie.

Mrs. James Harkness.


William Kollmann.

James 'Arthur' Gale.

Thomas P. Hill.

John Redmon Marshall, Sr.


Betsey (Harkness) Alford.

Abel Heap.

Mrs. Narvey Anderson.

Aaron M. Boomer.

Mrs. James Eccles.

Mrs. John Dunn.

James Harkness.


S. S. Boomer.

John Trish.

Mrs. William Graham.

Oscar Moulton.

John McMurtrie.

C. T. Shepard.


Oswego Old Folks.

The following list is furnished by Lorenzo Rank, the Oswego correspondent of the Record:

S. L. Bartlett.

Leonard Burkhart.

H. S. Clark.

Thomas Cliggitt.

William Cliggitt.

Nicholas Congdon.

George Collins.

James Collins.

Peter Cooney.

Mrs. Peter Cooney.

George M. Cowdrey.

Mrs. Lizzie A. Davis.

Joseph Failing.

Mrs. William M. Forbes.

William M. Forbes.

R. D. Gates.

F. H. Gates.

Andrew Gray.

Otto Haag.

Mrs. Oliver Hebert.

Oliver Hebert.

Gary Hafenrichter.

Henry Hafenrichter.

John H. Hafenrichter.

C. J. Hawley.

C. M. Hawley.

Daniel Hemm.

Solomon Hemm.

Oliver Hem.

Mrs. Honore G. Jewell.

Mrs. Walter Loucks.

Thomas Miller.

Mrs. Lucia Moore.

A.     J. Parkhurst.

William Pearce.

Colvin Pearce.

James Pearce.

H. S. Richards.

Charles Roberts.

Mr. J. W. Roberts.

Mrs. J. W. Roberts.

John D. Russell.

Mrs. John D. Russell.

Mrs. Nancy Sanders.

Conrad Schark.

George Schilling.

John S. Seely.

Mrs. John S. Seely.

Mrs. David Severance.

David Severance.

E. A. Smith.

Michael Sorg.

S. E. Walker.

J. R. Walker.

Mrs. W. W. Winn.

Charles Wooley.

George Wooley.

Lewis M. Wooley.

Mrs. G. T. Wormley.

G. T. Wormley.

John T. Wormley.

Mrs. W. W. Wormley.

Some Personals.

Among the many that came to town to participate in the occasion were:

Mr. Samuel J. Hannan of Chicago, who came to the Fox River country in 1848.

Honorable George M. Hollenback, little Kendall County's first production.

Lorenzo Rank, the able and popular Oswego correspondent of the Record who has given the weekly history of Oswego for nearly thirty-five years.

Henry G. Smith, who keeps the Burlingtonrailroad's affairs in good shape in Oswego.

Thomas J. Phillips and wife of Newark, pioneers and royal citizens.

Mrs. Delia A. Aldrich of Millington, who has spent a lifetime on this river.

That old-fashioned fellow Simeon Brown of Big Grove Township, who never misses an old settlers' gathering.

Justus W. House of Seward, who has lived here for sixty-five years and who is always happy to see the brethren.

Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Dix of Nettle Creek Township, who must come again when it doesn't rain, for our folks want to cultivate an acquaintance with our Grundy County neighbors.

Comrade Donahoe and Harry Hull, two of Newark's good citizens. 

Mr. Darling who has a warm side for the county neighbors.

Charles D. Southwick, who has lived on the Millington and Newark Road since 1838.

Almerin Loucks of Aurora, who spent his younger years on a farm on the Baseline Road in Bristol Township.

Rollin M. Wheeler of NaAuSay Township, who cast his first vote in the town in 1843.

Necrological Report.

List of those who have joined the great majority.

At the annual meeting of the old settlers, the Secretary read a necrological report. At this was not done Saturday, the Record publishes as much as President McClelland got together for the occasion. It may not be complete, but we think it is correct as far as it goes.

List of the early settlers who have died since the annual picnic of 1898.


John Nevins, October 2, 1898, age 88 years.

Chancy Y. Godard, October 12, 1898, age 89 years.

Robert S. Hopper, October 14, 1898, age 66 years.

John A. Young, October 25, 1898, age 81 years.

William Rees, October 31, 1898, age 77 years.

Eunice Jane (Thorpe) Beecher, (Mrs. Curtis) November 9, 1898, age 69 years.

John Henry Weber, November 28, 1898, age 74 years.

Margaret (Smith) Welch (Mrs. Thomas, Sr.) November 23, 1898, age 92 years.

Daniel Monroe Smith, November 24, 1898, age 81 years.

Jane (McCormick) Dwyer (Mrs. James S.) December 5, 1898, age 93 years.

John 'Leonard' Rieger, Sr. December 5, 1898, age 76 years.

Leonard 'Owen' Lathrop, December 25, 1898, age 59 years.


Magdalena (Reingard) Habel, (Mrs. Christian 'Henry') February 1, 1899, age 77 years.

Mary Emeline Scofield, (Mrs. John C.) February 1, 1899, age 79.

Lydia (Borden) Boomer, (Mrs. Martin) February 25, 1899, age 92 years.

Jane Ursula (Steward) Henning, (Mrs. Hugh B.) March 9, 1899, 71 years.

William Lee VanCleve, March 9, 1899, age 80 years.

Edwin A. Blackman, March 29, 1899, age 72 years.

John H. Morgan, Sr. March 31, 1899, age 75 years.

William Bailey, April 3, 1899, age 80 years.

John C. Baker, April 27, 1899, age 72 years.

William Pim, May 8, 1899, age 85 years.

Edward W. Mann, May 15, 1899, age 81 years.

Sarah Jane (Johnson) Hill, (Mrs. Charles M.) May 26, 1899, age 64 years.

Ira S. Doten, April 12, 1899, age 78 years.

Andrew 'Jackson' Shepard, May 18, 1899, age 84 years.

Joseph Parmer, July 2, 1899, age 80 years.

Mrs. Mary D. Miner, June 17, 1899, age 77 years.

Additions from the Oswego column of the August 16, 1899 issue of the Kendall County Record.

The List of Old Settlers who died since the picnic of 1898 as given in last week's Record is very incomplete as far as Oswego is concerned. Only four names were given, here are the rest with their ages.

George Stickler, Jr., November 15, 1898, age 69 years.

Emma 'Frances' (Meacham) Woolley, January 10, 1899, age 79 years

Esther (Pearce) Reed, (3rd Mrs. Isaac F.) January 20, 1899, age 68 years.

Those old settlers who had moved away and were brought back for burial.

William Ladd, January 4, 1899, age 90 years.

James B. Stafford, November 26, 1898, age 71 years.

Jane 'Dorcas' (Hopkins) Schram, February 7, 1899, age 78 years.

Emily M. (Hubbard) Hawley, (Mrs. Paul G.) April 5, 1899, age 72 years.

Christian H. 'Christ' Jarvis, May ng, 1899, age 66 years.

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