The Old Settlers' Picnic 8-3-1898

Among the First Pioneers.

Came to Illinois Nearly Seventy Years Ago.
Originally Published in the Kendall County Record, August 2, 1898.
Edited and Compiled by Elmer Dickson.

'When I was in Decatur, Illinois in 1829, it was a new town, just beginning,' said the venerable C. J. 'Oliver' Havenhill in the Record office Thursday as he was making his annual visit to Yorkville. In 1829! Nearly seventy years ago! Do you wonder that the writer looked on his old friend with something of awe and reverence as he listened to the oldest living settler of this section of the state for he came to the Fox River Valley in 1833, after living in Tazewell County for a few years.

And what a privilege to have so mild and gentle a man as a representative of the fathers of the garden state. For C. J. 'Oliver' Havenhill is a man of virtues and honorable living. Seventy years a resident of Illinois, coming as an emigrant from the older State of Kentucky with his parents.

Mr. Havenhill saw this country in its primitive loveliness, and knew the lives of the red men as they roamed over these prairies, what wonderful recollections he must have. Did it ever occur to the Havenhill family that this would be the garden spot of the west and the center of so many industries? It is wonderful to know that this man has lived from the beginning, to almost the completion of our civilization.

Mr. Havenhill lives part of the time with his daughter, Mrs. Fuller, in Sheridan, Illinois, and part of the time with his daughter at Dwight, Illinois, and he is living his latter days in peace and quiet. Once a year and sometimes twice he comes to see his nephew, Asher Douglas Havenhill, and call on some of his old friends. He is always a welcome visitor, and may he continue to live among us for many more days.

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