The Old Settlers' Picnic 7-21-1897

For the Old Folks.

Also for Their Friends and Good People Generally.

Originally Published in the Kendall County Record, July 21, 1897.

Edited and Compiled by Elmer Dickson.

The annual picnic of the Old Settlers of Kendall County will be held on the Fair Grounds at Yorkville on Thursday August 5.

Preparations are being made to make it a very pleasant occasion as well as one of interest to the older families of the county. While it is a gathering in the interest of the early comers, all who want to enjoy a quiet day on the beautiful grounds are cordially invited.

There will be no formal program in the forenoon, but the friends are expected to load up the carriages and wagons early in the morning with all the family and a good supply of provisions and come to the grounds to have their picnic dinner and renew old acquaintances with each other. Every convenience will be on the ground for your comfort. If you have no other amusement you can have a game of baseball to build up your appetite.

In the Afternoon there will be an interesting program, made up mostly as follows:

At 1:30 p.m. music by the Kendall Cornet Band.

Prayer by Reverend Henry Arlen of the NaAuSay Presbyterian Church.

Song by the choir, under the leadership of Captain F. M. Hobbs.

Congratulatory address by Supervisor N. P. Barnes of Bristol.

Song by the choir.

Address by Reverend W. H. Pierce of Plano.

Report of the Secretary, election of officers and take up a collection.

Singing by the choir.

Sketch of the early days in Kendall County and something about the Land Claim Societies, by the Honorable, George M. Hollenback, the first white child born in the county.

Song by the choir.

Short talks by old friends.

The officers feel that they have arranged for one of the best meetings the Society has had, and would be immensely flattered if a good number of the people of the county would attend. Mr. Pierce is one of the best speakers in the State. Mr. Hollenback knows more of the early history of this county than any other person and will tell interesting reminiscences. The singing under the direction of that master of music, Captain Hobbs, will be done by a large choir, and the music will stir your sensibilities and arouse your emotions.

Secretary Gale is anxious to have a full report of those early settlers who have died the past year, with the correct date of birth and death. He has made up a report of the death notices published in the Record, but thinks there may be some he has not gotten. Friends will confer a favor by sending to him any information concerning the death of any of the older people of the County. Address J. A. Gale, Secretary. Yorkville, Illinois.

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