The Old Settlers' Picnic 6-27-1900

Old Settlers' Picnic.

Will be Held at Yorkville Fair Grounds Friday, June 29, 1900.
Originally Published in the Kendall County Record, June 27, 1900.

Edited and Compiled by Elmer Dickson.

Last Thursday was a wet day, a very wet day. In fact it began raining before seven o'clock in the morning and rained all day, continuing to rain a good portion of the next day. Consequently, the old settlers' picnic was not held as planned; but they are going to try to hold it.

Secretary R. G. Leitch wishes the Record to announce that the annual picnic and reunion of the pioneers of Kendall County will be held at the Yorkville Fair Grounds on Friday, June 29. He hopes to see a good attendance.

This notice is necessarily short, but let all the old friends try to be there.

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