Lena Knudson Weeks

Death of Mrs. Knute Weeks

Originally published in the Kendall County Record, Feb 26, 1896.

Edited and transcribed by Elmer Dickson

Lena Knudson was born near Stavanger, Norway, September 27, 1861. When ten months old her father died, and at the age of four years she came to America with her mother and was brought up in the vicinity of Newark. She was married to Knute Weeks, March 31, 1882. She died Wednesday February 26, 1896. Two of her children preceded her in death. The oldest, Gertie died at the age of nearly on year. The youngest, Clarence was taken away last August when he had lived but a few days more than one year. There now remain five children from three to eleven years of age. The little ones, the bereaved husband and the mother of the deceased all have the deepest sympathy of this entire community.

Mrs. Weeks was ailing for about four days. On Wednesday her condition became serious and a physician was called. He came in the evening and immediately expressed apprehension in regard to the result. He administered medicine and withdrew to an adjoining room to write a prescription. He remarked he would return again early in the morning. However, before the prescription was written the sufferer was dead.

A large number of relatives and friends gathered at the home on Saturday to offer the last sad tribute of respect to one whom they had known and loved. Pastor Anderson, of the Newark Lutheran Church conducted the service and spoke with great force and earnestness. We, likewise, shall be called upon to pass through the valley of the shadow of death. We are waiting the hour when the summons will reach us. It may be at midnight or when the sun is at the zenith. Let us not be tied to the earth, but be free and stand in constant readiness for the great change, which will introduce us to the eternal life.

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