Codes Used in Burials Database

Codes and Abbreviations Used

War CodeWar
1812 War of 1812
BH Black Hawk
CW Civil
GW Persian Gulf War (Operation Desert Storm)
IF War with Iraq (Operation Iraqi Freedom)
KW Korean
MW War with Mexico
PI Philipine Island Insurrection
PW Plains Indian
RW American Revolution
SA Spanish American
VW Vietnam
WW I World War 1
WW II World War 2
Military AbbreviationDefinition
A/S Able Bodied Seaman
AAF Army Air Force
A-C Aviation Cadet
ANG Army National Guard
Apr/S Aprentice Seaman
B.F.C. Battle Field Commission
Br. Star Bronze Star
Br. Star w/ V Bronze Star for Valor
CIB Combat Infantryman Badge
Co E Member Co. E. 129th Inf, Illinois NG
CPO Chief Petty Officer
DFC Distinguished Flying Cross
DIA Died in accident
DOW Died of wounds
DSC Distinguished Service Cross
FO Flight Officer, often a glider pilot
KIA Killed in action
KSM Korean Service Medal
LRHR Little Rock Township Honor Roll
MM Merchant Marine
NMI No middle initial
NMN No middle name
Ph. Is. Philippine Islands
PHS Grad List of Plano HS graduates who served in WW II
PO Petty Officer
POW Prisoner of War
RCAF Royal Canadian Air Force
USCG US Coast Guard
USMC US Marine Corps
WIA Wounded in action
WOJG Warrant Officer Junior Grade

Abbreviations: abt, about; ng, not given; nds, no dates; Ch rec., church record.
The expression (45-10-23) indicates the age of the deceased at the time of their death in years, months, and days.
The expression (23-07-?) indicates the number of additional days was not indicated.

Microfilmed copies of newspapers were reviewed for obituaries and death notices. A date in the obituary column indicates when it was published. If there is no suffix after the date, it was published in the Kendall County Record, at Yorkville, IL. A suffix after the date is used to identify a source other than the Kendall County Record. For example, BN is used to identify the Aurora Beacon News. KCN is used to identify the source as the Kendall County News, published at Plano, IL. SNP is used to identify the Sandwich News Press, published at Sandwich, IL.

Cemetery Codes are: Abraham Lincoln National, AL; Albert Hassel, AH; Arlington National, AN; Aurora, AR; Aurora Catholic, AC; Aux Sable Grove, AS; Aux Sable, Grundy Co., AU; Batavia BA; Big Rock, BR; Bohemian National, Chicago, IL, BN; Bohemian, Gardner, IL, BC; Braceville-Gardner, BG; Bristol Burying Grounds, BB; Calvary Aurora, CV; Channahon, CA; Chicago, CH; Cowdrey, CO; Cross Lutheran, CL; Culver, CU; De Kalb DK; Doud, DO; Dresden, DR; Dresden Cholera, DC; East Batavia, EB; Elerding, ED, Elgin EL; Elmhurst, Joliet, EH; Elmwood, Yorkville, EW; Evergreen, Morris, IL, EG; Fairview, De Kalb, IL, FV; Fowler Grove, FG; Fox River, FR; Fox Township, FT; Freedom Lutheran, South Wilmington, FL; French Catholic, Aurora, IL, FC; Gardner Prairie, GP; Geneva, IL, GE; Graceland, Chicago, GL; Greenfield Farm, GF; Griswold, GR; Helmar Lutheran, HL; Hinckley HI; Hoge, HO; Howland Family, HF; Hubbell, HU; Immanuel Lutheran, IL; Jericho, JE; Johnson Grove, De Kalb Co., JG; Joliet, JO; Joliet Catholic, JC; Keck Memorial, KM; Leland LL; Lett, LE; Lincoln Memorial, LM; Lisbon, LI; Little Rock Township, LR; Loughead, LH, Lyon Farm, LF; Manlius, ME; Marywood, Aurora, MW; Mazon, MZ; Michael Olson, MO; Millington-Newark, MN; Mount Caramel, Morris, MK; Mount Hope, Seneca, MH; Mount Olivet, Aurora, OL; Mount Olivet, Joliet, OJ; Munger Family Cemetery, Lisbon Twp, MU; Nelson, NE; Northville (Baker), NV; Norway, NO: Oak Grove, OG; Oak Mound, Somonauk, OM; Oak Ridge, Sandwich, OR; Oak Wood Joliet, OW; Oaklawn, Dwight, OD; Oakwood, Wilmington, OK; Oakwood Memorial Ottawa, OA; Old Norway, ON; Olive Hill, Chicago, OH; Osmundson, OU; Oswego Prairie, OP; Oswego Township, OS; Ottawa, OT; Pavilion, PA; Pearce, PE; Pine Mound; PM; Plainfield, PF; Plattville, PV; Plattville Lutheran, PL; Pratt's Oaklawn, PO; Risen Lord, Oswego Twp, RL; Riverside, Montgomery, RS; Riverview, Marseilles, RM; Rose Hill, Chicago, RH; Sacred Bluff (Darnell), SB; Sacred Heart, SC; Saint John's Catholic, Somonauk, SJ; Saint John's Lutheran, Somonauk, IL, SO; Saint Mary's. Aurora, AA; Saint Mary's, Minooka, IL, MA; Saint Mary's, Plainfield, SF; Saint Patrick's, Bristol Twp, SP; Saint Patrick's, Joliet, PJ; Saint Paul's, Aurora, PS; Saint Paul's Queen of Angels, rural Sandwich Twp, QA; Sample, Morris, EM; Sandy Bluff, HA; Saratoga Township, ST; Seaman, SS; Section, SN; Seneca, SA; Seward Mound, SM; Sheridan, SR; Shont, SH; Somonauk, SK; South Big Rock, WE; Spradling, SD; Spring Lake, SL; Stavanger Lutheran, SE; Sugar Grove, SG; U. P. Sandwich, UP; Ward, Grundy Co., WC; West Aurora, WA; West Batavia, WB; West Lisbon Lutheran, WL; Wheatland U. P., WT; Whitehead, WH; Willard Grove, Channahon, WG; Woodlawn Memorial, Joliet, WD; and Wormley, WO.
An asterisk after the cemetery code indicates compilers believe the person indicated was buried in this cemetery but do not have absolute proof to support their belief.

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