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The Ministers And Priests Of Kendall County is organized in two sections. The first section is an alphabetical list of Kendall County ministers and priests. The names included were found in two general categories. The first general source is Kendall County Marriage Registers (Books A-1, One and Two.) The second general category consisted of various published church and county histories.

Dates found in the column headed Marriage records indicates these dates were the general time frame the minister or priest was performing marriages. Dates found in the History Books column indicates the dates found in one of the published histories. Dates should not be taken as precise. In many cases, they are more a general guide-line than an absolute date.

The second section is a list of the known ministers or priests of a particular Kendall County Church. Some of the published histories supplied sequential or chronological lists of the ministers of a church but failed to provide a time frame for the minister or priest's tenure. In these cases, the date column is blank.

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SurnameGiven NameChurch If ProvidedLocationHistory BooksMarriage Rec.Sort
    Name Of Church  Found InFound In  
SurnameGiven NameChurch If ProvidedLocationHistory BooksMarriage Rec.Sort
Griswold J. M. Newark Methodist Newark 1899-1905 M
Griswold John M. Newark Methodist Newark 1897-1903 M
Griswold John M. Yorkville Methodist Yorkville 1897-1899 1897-1903 M
Gronewold Martin Zion Evangelical Oswego Twp 1913-1916 1913-1915 EV
Gruber A. C. Lisbon Center M. E. Lisbon Center 1898-1901 1899-1900 M
Gruber A. C. Oswego Methodist Oswego 1902-1903 1902-1902 M
Gruber A. C. Plattville Methodist Plattville 1898-1901 1899-1900 M
Gudmundson Reverend Seward Congregational Seward Twp 1924-1938 CO
Gueireau George W. Minister of the Gospel 1872-1872 MG
Guinn Jack Oswego Prairie U. M. E. Oswego Twp 1976-1980 M
Guldseth Olaf Lisbon Lutheran Lisbon 1897-1898 L
Guldseth Paul O. First Lutheran Plano 1965-1967 L
Guntrum Ernest Minister of the Gospel 1860-1861 MG
Gurley Sylveanus H. Minister of the Gospel -1870 1865-1869 MG
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