Norwegian Church Funeral Records

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Compiled by Elmer Dickson and Owen Thompson.

Codes Used

Church NameLocationSource Codes
Bethlehem Lutheran Morris, Grundy Co., IL BLCRBap = Baptism
BLCRCon = Confirmation
BLCRFun = Funeral
BLCRMar = Marriage
BLCRMem = Membership
Fox River Lutheran Miller Twp, La Salle Co., IL FRCRBap = Baptism
FRCRCon = Confirmation
FRCRFun = Funeral
FRCRMar = Marriage
FRCRMem = Membership
Grace Lutheran Saratoga Twp, Grundy Co., IL GLCRBap = Baptism
GLCRCon = Confirmation
GLCRFun = Funeral
GLCRMar = Marriage
GLCRMem = Membership
Newark Lutheran Newark, Kendalll Co, IL NLCRBap = Baptism
NLCRCon = Confirmation
NLCRFun = Funeral
NLCRMar = Marriage
NLCRMem = Membership
Norway Lutheran Miller Twp, La Salle Co., IL NOCRBap = Baptism
NOCRCon = Confirmation
NOCRFun = Funeral
NOCRMar = Marriage
NOCRMem = Membership
Plattville Lutheran Seward Twp, Kendall Co, IL. PLCRBap = Baptism
PLCRCon = Confirmation
PLCRFun = Funeral
PLCRMar = Marriage
PLCRMem = Membership
Saint John's Lutheran Plano, Kendall Co., IL SJCRBap = Baptism
SJCRCon = Confirmation
SJCRFun = Funeral
SJCRMar = Marriage
SJCRMem = Membership
Scandinavian Lutheran Plano, Kendall Co., IL SLCRBap = Baptism
SLCRCon = Confirmation
SLCRFun = Funeral
SLCRMar = Marriage
SLCRMem = Membership
Trinity Lutheran Millbrook, Kendall Co., IL TLCRBap = Baptism
TLCRCon = Confirmation
TLCRFun = Funeral
TLCRMar = Marriage
TLCRMem = Membership
West Lisbon Lutheran Lisbon Twp, Kendall Co., IL WLCRBap = Baptism
WLCRCon = Confirmation
WLCRFun = Funeral
WLCRMar = Marriage
WLCRMem = Membership
For example: BLCRCon equals Bethlemhem Lutheran Church Confirmation records
For example: NLCRFun equals Newark Lutheran Church Funeral records
There are two exceptions to these rules.
1. Some of the Fox River Lutheran and West Lisbon Lutheran marriage records were combined. FRWLMar = Marriage
2. The Fox River Lutheran Church Historian compiled some baptism records. FRHiBap = Baptism

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    Birth    PlaceDea.    Place    Cem
SurnameGiven NameMoDyYrBornMoDyYrDiedAgeCodeCode
    Birth    PlaceDea.    Place    Cem
SurnameGiven NameMoDyYrBornMoDyYrDiedAgeCodeCode
Thompson Cecil Oct 18 1930 Jackson Co., ? Nov 8 1959 Will Co., IL BLCRFun EM
Classen Emma H. (Mrs. Edwin) Mar 19 1899 Jacksonville, IL May 24 1963 Morris, IL BLCRFun EG
Agnick George E. Nov 19 1912 Joliet, IL May 8 1965 Morris, IL BLCRFun EG
Eckert Daniel Kenneth (s. Anthony & Janice) Nov 26 1969 Joliet, IL Nov 26 1969 Joliet, IL BLCRFun ST
Enerson Anna (Olson)(Mrs. George M.)(d. Ole & Martha) Jan 24 1893 Joliet, IL Aug 10 1980 Morris, IL BLCRFun EG
Ferguson Kevin Joseph Aug 7 1968 Joliet, IL Nov 9 1968 Davenport, IA BLCRFun ST
Johnson Jamie Lynn Feb 8 1976 Joliet, IL Feb 8 1976 Joliet, IL BLCRFun EG
Kewley Marion Ione (Peterson)(Mrs. Edwin C.)(d. Silas G. & Bernice T.) Oct 4 1926 Joliet, IL Apr 19 1983 Morris, IL BLCRFun ST
Olson Martin (s. Ole & Martha) Mar 7 1897 Joliet, IL Sep 7 1975 Morris, IL BLCRFun EG
Roth Elizabeth (Mrs. Bernard, Sr.) May 5 1881 Joliet, IL Aug 11 1960 Chicago, IL BLCRFun EG
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