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This database is an index that includes every name found in the fourteen biographical directories, county histories and town histories, listed below, pertaining to Kendall County, Illinois. You can use this information to lookup actual references in these source documents. They are typically avialable on microfilm through inter-library loans.  Please check with your local library.

Source CodeSource
BS Bateman, Norman & Paul Selby, editors. Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois & History of Kendall County. With special authors and contributors. Chicago: Munsell Publishing Co., (1914) Two volumes, 1078 pages.
FA Farren, Kathy, editor. A Bicentennial History of Kendall County, Illinois. Yorkville, IL: Kendall County Bicentennial Commission, (1976) 314 pages.
GF Biographical Directory of Kendall County, Illinois. Chicago: Fisher & Co., (1876) 114 pages.
HI Hicks, Edmund W., Reverend. History of Kendall County, Illinois: From the Earliest Discoveries to the Present Time. Aurora, IL: Knickerbocker & Hodder, (1877) 439 pages
JO Johnson, Oliver C. and Anna French Johnson. Atlas and History of Kendall County, Illinois. Maps and Plats, Biographies and Special Features. Elmhurst, IL: Friendly Map & Publishing Co., (1941) 112 pages.
KK Durant, Pliny A, et al. Commemorative Portrait & Biographical Record of Kane & Kendall Counties, Illinois. Chicago: Beers, Leggett & Co., (1888) 999 pages.
KW Genealogical & Biographical Record of Kendall & Will Counties, Illinois. Chicago: Biographical Publishing Co., (1901) 670 pages.
LP Shufelt, Mrs. John L. When Lisbon Was A Prairie. Yorkville, IL: Kendall County Record, (1917) 13 pages.
MC Rasmusen, Honor Brodie. History of the Millington Methodist Church and Community 125th Anniversary 1833-1958. Publisher not given, (l958) 48 pages.
NS Newark Sesquicentennial Committee. Newark's Sesquicentennial History: A Community Proud of Its Heritage 1835-1985. Yorkville, IL: Kendall County Record (1985) 139 pages.
OS Oswego Sesquicentennial Days Steering Committee, Roger Matile, editor. 150 Years Along the Fox: The History of Oswego Township Illinois. Oswego Sesquicentennial - 150 Years - 1833-1983. Dallas: Taylor Publishing Co., (1983) 191 pages.
PF Prairie Farmer's Reliable Directory of Farmers & Breeders Grundy & Kendall Counties, Illinois. Chicago: Prairie Farmer Publishing Co., (1917) 221 pages.
RL Lisbon Pioneer Days Book Committee. Roads To Lisbon…Past and Present, A collection of Biographical Sketches. Prepared for the 150th Anniversary of the settling of Lisbon (IL). Yorkville, IL: Kendall County Record, (1985) 112 pages.
YO Lucinda Tio and Kathy Farren, A History of Yorkville, Illinois 1836-1986. Published for Yorkville's Sesquicentennial, (1986) 220 pages.


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SurnameGiven NamePageCode
SurnameGiven NamePageCode
Richards N. C. 886 BS
Gravley N. D. 195 PF
Sweetland N. D. 672 BS
Gott N. E. 907 BS
Nelson N. E. 47 GF
Nelson N. E. 64 GF
Hollenback N. E. (Gott) 907 BS
Holliday N. F. 657 BS
Kennedy N. F. 861 BS
Rawlin N. F., Rev. 932 BS
Ravlin N. F., Rev. (Neuman) 244, 290 HI
Gravley N. G. 96 PF
Merrill N. G. 666 BS
Peterson N. G., Rev. 906 BS
Peterson N. G., Rev. 54 NS
Dimond N. H. 194 PF
Kennedy N. H. 403 HI
Leitch N. H. 109 PF
Tabler N. H. 173 FA
Nesmith N. H., Rev. 44 MC
Hatch N. I. 82 PF
Robbins N. I. 57 GF
Robbins N. I. 150 HI
Watters N. I. 946 BS
Watters N. I. 18 MC
Larson N. J. 198 PF
Naden N. J. 101 NS
Robbins N. J. 875 BS
Seaton N. J. 39, 41 GF
Sherman N. J. 123, 156, 200, 206 PF
Thomas N. J. 1075 BS
Cobleigh N. J. (Nelson Joseph) 657 BS
Cobleigh N. J. (Nelson Joseph) 86 GF
Cobleigh N. J. (Nelson Joseph) 67 GF
Aldrich N. J. [Nathan J.] 897 BS
Eaton N. J., Lt. 59 FA
Cobleigh N. J., Mrs. (Mrs. Nelson Joseph) 10 LP
Nitchman N. K. 29 MC
Wicks N. K. 119, 119, 201 PF
Fox N. L. 921 BS
Tabler N. L. 173 FA
Sweetland N. L., MD 982 KK
Stokes N. M., Rev. 918 BS
Davis N. N. 700 BS
Foss N. N. 94, 195 PF
Ness N. N. 114, 155, 198 PF
Barnard N. P. 767, 775, 815, 848, 921, 925, 927-8 BS
Barnard N. P. 137, 139, 144 FA
Barnard N. P. 14, 99 NS
Barnard N. P. 62D JO
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