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SurnameGiven NameMoDyYrBirthMoDyYrDeathObituaryCemNotes
SurnameGiven NameMoDyYrBirthMoDyYrDeathObituaryCemNotes
A'Hern Evelyn (Clayton)? nds Feb ng 1957 New Orleans, LA EG
Abbott Caroline A. (Courtright))(Mrs. Robert Miner) nds nds unk
Abbott Robert Bruce (s. Robert Miner & Carolina A. (Courtirght)(mar. 1st Teckla Engburgh; 2nd Cora A. Engburgh) nds nds unk
Abbott Robert Miner nds nds unk
Abby Charles [Abbey] nds nds FG
Abby M. Esther [Abbey] nds nds FG
Abby Martin Fellows (s. Lawrence [Lauritz] & Ella Mae (Bissell)) nds Oct 16 1890 Plano, IL 10/22/1890 LR*
Abel Rhoda (1st Mrs. Jesse) nds Aug 26 1849 WH
Abel Susan (d. James & Rebecca) nds Sep 2 1848 WH
Abens Mary (Eipers)(Mrs. Michael) 1852 Luxemberg, Ger. Sep 25 1928 Bristol Twp, IL SP
Ackerly Mrs. (Kipp) nds Mar 18 1910 LR
Ackers Ann "Catherine" (Neer)(mother of Henry Benjamin Darnell)) nds Dec 28 1904 Plano, IL 01/06/1904 Belle Plaine, IA
Ackley Bryan nds nds cemetery rec. MN
Acure Myrtle L. nds Apr 25 1921 Aurora, IL LR
Adams Charles E. (d. Earl & Deborah (Gifford)(mar. Julia C. (Wright)) 1846 Big Grove Twp, IL May 18 1904 Kellerton, IA 06/08/1904 unk
Adams Clara C. (d. Joseph R. & Jessie A. Gray) 1887 1888 PF
Adams Edith M. (infant d. John Q. & Malinde (Pierce)) nds Dec 27 1874 MN
Adams Eliza (mar. David Cothrin) nds nds unk
Adams Florence M. (infant d. C. A. & C.) nds nds PM
Adams Jay Thomas (s. Charles & Sandra) nds Feb 18 1967 cem rec. QA
Adams John nds abt 1886 cemetery rec. MN
Adams Lucina M. (previously Mrs. Mosher)(2nd Mrs. Augustus, who was born in 1806) 1827 New York Apr 13 1889 Sandwich, IL OR
Adams Orrill G. (Spencer)(1st Mrs. Darius) 1838 Jan 27 1865 Sandwich, IL* OR
Adkins infant nds 1926 OR
Adkins mother 1844 1926 OR
Agler Fannie (d. Jonathan & Adelaide (Pecoy)) 1875 Plano, IL Mar 26 1953 Aurora, IL LR
Ahlin Margaret J. (Mrs. Oscar Ludwig) 1895 Mar 10 1947 Aurora, IL WE
Ainsley William "Willie" (s. of P.) nds Jul 26 1894 Ottawa, IL 08/01/1894 MN
Aitken infant (ch. Walter, Jr.) nds Oct 17 1879 Plano, IL 10/23/1879 MN
Albee Henry Adelbert (mar. Melissa T. W. (Updike)) nds Mar 25 1933 Upland, CA 03/25/1933 unk
Alden George T. (operated Blackberry Mills) nds Jul ng 1908 Decatur, MI 07/29/1908 Decatur, MI
Alden Mable (d. Nathan & Isabelle E. (Reddock)) nds Bristol, IL Aug 24 1924 Denver, CO 08/27/1924 EW
Alden Mary Melissa (d. Benjamin Franklin & Emily Elizabeth (Byron)) 1841 1845 Bristol, IL* BB*
Aldrich Elizabeth "Lizzie" A. (d. Dr. John & Elizabeth) nds Nov 7 1838 Fox Twp, IL MN
Aldrich Katherine "Kate" nds nds cemetery rec. MN
Aldrich William nds nds cemetery rec. MN
Alegria Glorivette nds Mar 17 2006 Aurora, IL RL
Alford Alice nds Aug 10 1924 Chicago, IL LR
Alford Charles nds May ng 1882 Plattville, IL 05/18/1882 PV*
Alford Flora (d. Harvey L. & Hannah) 1857 Apr 22 1862 OR
Alford Florence M. (d. Harvey L. & Hannah) 1855 Apr 19 1862 OR
Alford Frank (s. Harvey L. & Hannah) 1860 Apr 21 1862 OR
Alford Loftus 1799 Sep 11 1877 OR
Alfredson Ebba F. (Skytte/Skyke)(Mrs. Carl Axel)(2nd marriage) 1886 Sweden May 8 1959 Chicago, IL LR
Alger Georgiene (Mrs.) nds Mar 26 1886 Dakota 03/03/1886 unk
Alger John nds Mar ng 1883 Newark, IL unk
Alger William H. (Co. E, 13th IL INF) nds Aug 26 1864 Newark, IL 08/31/1864 unk
Allan Edith H. 1885 Morris, IL Apr 28 1967 Sarasota, FL BLCRFun EG
Allen Alice M. (Osborn)(1st Mrs. Edwin Samuel) 1857 England Jun 29 1882 Chicago, IL LR
Allen Anna M. (Mrs. Hugh) 1815 1869 WT
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