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SurnameGiven NameMoDyYrBornMoDyYrDeathObituaryCemSource
SurnameGiven NameMoDyYrBornMoDyYrDeathObituaryCemSource
Young Matilda (Young) (Mrs. John Gilbert Empie) (d. George Henry Young & Catherine [Caterina] (Empie)) (48 yrs) May 6 1837 Minden, NY Aug 13 1885 LR
Young Melissa DeJosephine (Young) (d. George R. Young) (mar. DeWitt C. Dewey) Nov 19 1842 Booneville, NY Jan 3 1917 Hinckley, IL 1/17/1917 LR KCN
Young Melvin W. Young (KW) Aug 20 1930 Aurora, IL Aug 31 1982 Plano, IL 08/17/1882 LR
Young Melvin Young (infant s. Granville M. Young & Mathilda (Heun)) Jun 24 1882 Plano, IL Aug 7 1882 Plano, IL LR
Young Mercy Jones (mar. Peleg Jones Young) Oct 14 1807 Grafton, NY Mar 12 1898 Plano, IL 03/16/1898 OR
Young Myrtle M. (Hofferbert) (Mrs. Theodore E. Young) (d. Jacob Hofferbert & Elizabeth (Bassler) abt 1881 Indiana May 7 1960 Waterman, IL OR
Young Nancy A. Young (d. Philip Young & Cornelia Maria (Miller)) abt 1839 New York nds 09/02/1982 Green, KS
Young Nancy Anne Young (d. James Young & Phoebe (Keck)) Jan ng 1850 Bristol Twp, IL Mar 27 1935 Montgomery, IL Layton, Davis, UT
Young Nancy Lee Young (d. Leon Darke Young & Ortel Bingham) Dec 21 1941 Ogden, Weber, UT May 25 2008 Layton, Davis, UT KM
Young Nancy Young (d. George Henry Young & (Catherine [Caterina] (Empie) (mar. William H. Hanson) Dec 7 1821 Palatine, NY Dec 27 1900 Bristol Station, IL 01/02/1901 KM
Young Napoleon Bonapart Young (s. Richard R. Young & Eleanor (Paine)) Jul 19 1824 Montgomery Co., NY Mar 17 1895 Bristol Twp, IL 03/20/1895 unk
Young Nathan Smith Young (s. Nathan Young & Hannah G. (Smith)) (mar. Mary A. (Hollister)) Aug 20 1818 Strafford, Orange, VT nds
Young Nathan Young (General) (mar. Hannah G. Smith) (War of 1812) Mar 28 1795 Strafford, Orange, VT Oct 6 1863 Kane Co., IL West Batavia
Young Nathan Young (s. Joab Young, Rev. & Hannah G. Smith) (Brigadier General) (War of 1812) Jan 27 1792 Strafford, Orange, VT May 28 1869 Kaneville, IL West Batavia
Young Nathan Young (s. Philip Young & Cornelia Maria (Miller)) abt 1843 Illinois nds SG
Young Neal Allison Young (s. Louis Courtright Young & Mary "Mamie" Susan (Smith)) (WW I) Aug 27 1896 Oswego, IL Feb 3 1973 KM
Young Nettie Young (d. Napoleon Bonapart Young & Amelia "Amy" M. (Plank)) (mar. Burton H. Tichner) Nov 23 1860 Bristol Twp, IL Sep 23 1933 Chicago, IL OS
Young Neva Young (d. Isaac "Ike" Freeman Young & Leila/Lelia Rush)) abt 1885 Aurora, IL Feb 20 1890 Aurora, IL EW
Young Newton Young (mar. widow of Menzo White Lane; Ellen “Mary” Lowry)) May 23 1826 Ellery, NY Apr 17 1886 Bristol, IL KM
Young Nicholas "Nick" Young, Jr. abt 1824 New York nds Green, KS
Young Nimrod Young (s. George Henry Young & Catherine [Caterina] (Empie)) (mar. Rebecca (Iams)) (Co. H. 89th Reg. IL INF) (CW) Dec 22 1832 Minden, NY Mar 17 1917 Green, KS 04/11/1917 Salt Lake City
Young Odin Winfield Young (s. Isaac Freeman Young & Lucy Rosetta (Darke) (mar. Minnie Rhodora (VanZweden) Nov 6 1908 Ogden, Weber, UT Nov 6 1978 Salt Lake City, UT KM
Young Orlando L. Young (s. James Young & Phebe (Keck)) May 14 1855 Bristol Twp, IL nds unk
Young Orma Young (mar. Oscar A. Shoger) Jun 14 1890 Feb ng 1974 KM
Young Patricia Ann Young (d. Neal Allison Young & Gladys T. (Wicks)) Jun 4 1930 Aurora, IL Apr 2 1934 Aurora, IL OG
Young Peleg Young (s. Nathan Young & Hannah (Smith)) (mar. Sophronia J. Boyce) Mar 25 1817 Strafford, VT Dec 20 1890 Aurora, IL SG
Young Pheobe (Keck) (Mrs. James Young ) (d. Jacob I. Keck, Sr. & Nancy Anna (Cook)) Feb 16 1827 Johnstown, NY Aug 20 1905 Montgomery, IL 08/23/1905 unk
Young Philiberta Augusta Young (mar. Lowell Ernest Erwin)) Jul 3 1883 Sandwich, IL Feb 28 1950 Fox Twp, IL KM
Young Philip Young (s. Dietrich "Richard" Young [Jung] & Christina Sherman (Schaarman or Acherman)) Sep 15 1799 Euphrates, NY Nov 25 1885 Montgomery, IL 12/02/1885 unk
Young Phoebe H. Young (1st Mrs. James Barr Lowry, Sr.) nds Vermont nds OS
Young Phoebe Margaret Phillps (Mrs. John Abel Young Oct 10 1833 Sullivan, NY Jul 30 1922 Oswego, IL OG
Young Pierce Burton Young (s. Isaac "Ketchum" Young & Julia Elizabeth (Knox)) Dec 8 1880 Bristol Twp, IL Sep 29 1955 KM
Young Rebecca (Iams) (Mrs. Nimrod Young) nds Carlyle, OH Feb 23 1906 Green, KS 02/28/1906 KM
Young Richard "Alviusus" Young (s. John Abel Young & Margaret (Phillips)) (mar. Mary Burghart) Oct 2 1862 Oswego Twp, IL Jul 6 1938 Aurora, IL 07/13/1938 ED
Young Richard R. Young (s. Dietrich Richard Young & Christina Schaarman (Acherman)) May 13 1796 Stone Arabia, NY Aug 26 1852 Illinois OR
Young Richard Sumner Young (s. Isaac "Ketchum" Young & Julia Elizabeth (Knox)) Oct 19 1871 Bristol Station, IL Mar 30 1872 Bristol Station, IL 04/04/1872 SG
Young Richard Warren Young (d. George Washington Young & Sophronia Sizer (Pierson)) (mar. 1st Augusta Durr & 2nd Clementine Hoffman) Aug 21 1873 Kendall Co., IL Feb 16 1941 San Bernardino, CA Morgan City, Cem. Morgan, UT
Young Richard Warren Young (s. Isaac Freeman Young & Lucy Rosetta (Darke) Jun 21 1903 Ogden, Weber, UT Mar 27 1905 Ogden, Weber, UT RS
Young Richard Young (s. William P. Young & Mary (Jarvis)) Feb 20 1837 NaAuSay Twp, IL Oct 19 1900 Hurdland, MO 11/07/1900 OG
Young Robert Young (s. George Henry Young & Catherine [Caterina] (Empie)) Jun 7 1825 Palatine, NY nds SO
Young Ruby P. (Williams) (Mrs. Floyd Youngstrom)) Jan 2 1910 Edgewood, IL Aug 23 1999 Las Vegas. NV 08/05/1999 OS
Young Ruth Young (Mrs. LeRoy David Hageman, Sr.) (d. Jay E. Young & Carrie A.) abt 1903 Illinois abt 1952 unk
Young Sarah (Lansing) (Mrs. John A. Young) Oct 31 1822 New Haven, CT Oct 26 1864 Fox Twp, IL unk
Young Sarah Adeline Young (mar. Jabez Lathrop Abel) Oct 13 1816 Chatham, CT Apr 14 1878 Walton, Lee, IL KM
Young Sarah Ann (Snook) (Mrs. Henry Vrooman Berry Young) abt 1845 Mar 13 1895 Oswego Twp, IL 03/20/1895 OG
Young Sarah Ann (Young) (mar. Joab A. Austin) abt 1810 New York Sep 16 1877 Plano, IL 09/20/1877 PF
Young Sarah Jane (Young)) (d. Horace Young & Maria (Cassem) (mar. Frank Eugene Bundy, Sr.) Jul 18 1850 Swanton, Fulton, OH Jun 19 1925 Plainfield, IL 06/24/1925 OG
Young Sarah Jane Roberts (d. Hendrick Roberts & Elizabeth (Scott)) (mar. Nathaniel Y. Young) Jan 17 1849 Monmouth, NJ Jul 19 1930 Yorkville, IL 07/23/1930 OR
Young Sarah Young (mar. John Cottew) Aug 5 1814 England Dec 30 1887 Adams Twp, IL AS
Young Sherman Tecumseh Young (s. Henry Vrooman Berry Young & Sarah Ann (Snook)) (mar. Daisy) Nov ng 1868 Aurora, IL Jan 10 1919 Aurora, IL SG
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