Index to the 1941 Plat Map

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Index to the 1941 Atlas of Kendall County, Illinois
By Elmer Dickson

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Crumm C. F., Est. FO 11
Cryder Ida L. LI 19
Cryder Ida S. SE 21
Cryder Jennie E. LI 19
Cryder Louis Sherrill SE 21
Culver Mary FO 11
Cunneau Matilda A. LI 19
Cutter Allen BR 7
Cutter Mary G. NA 15
Cutter Scott C., Est. NA 15
Cutter Scott, Est. OS 9
Cutter Watts D., Est. OS 9
Dahl Allen BG 17
Dannewitz E. H. LR 5
Dannewitz George W. LR 5
Dano Bert NA 15
Dano Bert SE 21
Dano Ross A. NA 15
Darfler K. OS 9
Darmer George OS 9
Darnell Ida, Est. FO 11
Dauber Lester A. BG 17
Davidson Frank SE 21
Davis C. E. SE 21
Davis Claire SE 21
Davis Clarence C. LI 19
Davis W. H. OS 9
Davishkur George J. BR 7
Day William LI 19
De Lee J. B. LR 5
Dean L. A. BG 17
Dean L. A. KE 13
Deming H., Mrs. FO 11
Denman Hiram LR 5
Denman William A. LR 5
Devereaux D. F. KE 13
Devereaux R. NA 15
Devick Dorris KE 13
Devick Lyle KE 13
Dewey H. M. LR 5
Dhuse Albert KE 13
Dhuse H. F. KE 13
Dickson George M. BR 7
Dickson George M. FO 11
Dickson Homer G. BR 7
Dickson R. S. BR 7
Dieter Charles OS 9
Dixon Ralph M. SE 21
Dixon Velda SE 21
Doetschman G. F. KE 13
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