Index to the 1941 Plat Map

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Index to the 1941 Atlas of Kendall County, Illinois
By Elmer Dickson

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Clennon Mary E. SE 21
Clow J. B. OS 9
Cole Clara NA 15
Cole Clara M. NA 15
Cole Mabel C. LR 5
Coleman C. F. NA 15
Colgrove George FO 11
Collins F. A. NA 15
Collins Frank KE 13
Collins Gilbert OS 9
Combs F. H. FO 11
Comly Arthur LR 5
Condon Charles NA 15
Condon Thomas, Est. OS 9
Condon William NA 15
Condon William OS 9
Conner Walter N. FO 11
Conover J., Est. BR 7
Constantine John OS 9
Coogan Lawrence, Mrs. NA 15
Cook John J. FO 11
Cook John, Est. LR 5
Cook Mr. BG 17
Coombs Fred H. KE 13
Cooney Eugene NA 15
Cooper A. LR 5
Cooper Amelia Hill BG 17
Cooper Zada L. LR 5
Corbin R. D. LR 5
Corkell Paul SE 21
Corneils Herman BR 7
Cornils Andrew NA 15
Cornils Fred BR 7
Corrigan Lee LI 18
Corrigan Orle LI 18
Corrigan William SE 21
Coselman M., Mrs. BR 7
Cosgrove Edward OS 9
Coulter Mary OS 9
Cozalat Louis BR 7
Cozalet Louis L. BR 7
Cozalet Victoria BR 7
Craig John S. BG 17
Crawford Thomas W. OS 9
Crimmin H. KE 13
Crimmin John, Est. BR 7
Crimmin John, Est. FO 11
Crook Peter, Est. SE 21
Crosby Hattie W. NA 15
Crosman Laura M. BR 7
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