Index to the 1941 Plat Map

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Index to the 1941 Atlas of Kendall County, Illinois
By Elmer Dickson

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Bromeland Ole LR 5
Bromeland Peter FO 11
Bromeland Thomas BG 17
Bromme William F. SE 21
Brown C. C. NA 15
Brown Earl BG 17
Brown Elllen E. LR 5
Brown F. C. LI 18
Brown Fred C. NA 15
Brown J. Ira NA 15
Brown Luella NA 15
Brown Luella SE 21
Brown Mae W. LI 19
Brydon J. A. KE 13
Buckley Warren LR 5
Budd Earl F. FO 11
Budd F. FO 11
Budd Sherman FO 11
Bullis Rebecca OS 9
Bundy Frank E. NA 15
Bundy Frank, Est. NA 15
Bundy Frank, Est. SE 21
Burcell R. KE 13
Burdick C. OS 9
Burdick C. B. NA 15
Burgess Eva, Mrs. SE 21
Burgess W. C. LR 5
Burgess William H. LI 19
Burke R. C. BR 7
Burnett J. C. BR 7
Burnham John E. LR 5
Burns R. J. LR 5
Bursh L. H. LR 5
Busby I., Est. FO 11
Bushnell R. L. OS 9
Bushnell Sarah, Est. BG 17
Bushnell Sarah, Est. LI 19
Bussom William SE 21
Calamoras George OS 9
Calhoun F. KE 13
Campbell F. H. SE 21
Campbell George KE 13
Campbell Grace E. OS 9
Cannon M. L. LR 5
Cannonrob P. R. OS 9
Carnes Hattie FO 11
Carr J. BR 7
Carr J. O. KE 13
Carr Mary C. LI 19
Cass J. R. LR 5
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