Index to the 1941 Plat Map

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Index to the 1941 Atlas of Kendall County, Illinois
By Elmer Dickson

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Wilkening A. F., Est. BR 7
Wilkening H., Est. KE 13
Wilkening Henry NA 15
Wilkening Henry, Est. NA 15
Wilkinson Addie LI 19
Willett William W. BR 7
Williams Clara KE 13
Williams E. S. BR 7
Williams Ida B. OS 9
Williams Kathryn FO 11
Williams T. BG 17
Williamson George F. BG 17
Williamson W. E. SE 21
Wilson G. FO 11
Winans Charles BR 7
Winans Frank BR 7
Windett Alfred W. BR 7
Wing Corda, Mrs. BR 7
Wirth L. LR 5
Wise F. J. SE 21
Witterhouse Virginia Stephen BG 17
Wittie R. FO 11
Wittie Ralph R. FO 11
Wix Martin K. LI 19
Wollenweber A. H., Mrs. KE 13
Wollenweber Louis KE 13
Woltjen A. E. FO 11
Wooley Albert OS 9
Wooley Allen G. OS 9
Wooley F. R. OS 9
Wooley Wilbur OS 9
Wooley William OS 9
Worley Mable BR 7
Wormley A. F. BR 7
Wormley Arthur F. OS 9
Worst C. A. OS 9
Wright Isaac LR 5
Wykes Emma K. LR 5
Wykes Winnie LR 5
Wykes Winnie G. LR 5
Wylie R. W. SE 21
Wynn Thomas NA 15
Young Esther BR 7
Young Mary S. BR 7
Zielke Reinhold OS 9
Zink W. Leland LR 5
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