Index to the 1941 Plat Map

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Index to the 1941 Atlas of Kendall County, Illinois
By Elmer Dickson

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Templeton Walter L. LR 5
Tendall Alice, Est. KE 13
Tendall Henry, Est. KE 13
Tendall Ole, Est. FO 11
Tenerle A. FO 11
Tesch Frank OS 9
Tesdall Carrie LI 19
Testin Lawrence, Est. NA 15
Tetzel Edna H., Est. LR 5
Thanepohn Charles, Est. KE 13
Thanepohn Charles, Est. NA 15
Thanepohn Clarence KE 13
Thanepohn Clarence NA 15
Thanepohn Emma LI 18
Thoma E. S. OS 9
Thomas Mathew J. OS 9
Thomas Severt P. FO 11
Thompson A. M. BG 17
Thompson Amelia BG 17
Thompson Andrew J. BG 17
Thompson Cenele SE 21
Thompson Charles SE 21
Thompson E. LI 19
Thompson E. L. LI 19
Thompson H. FO 11
Thompson Isabelle LI 19
Thompson L. D. NA 15
Thompson Lars, Est. BG 17
Thompson N. M. FO 11
Thompson Phillip BG 17
Thompson Pierce FO 11
Thompson Randall BG 17
Thompson Ruth FO 11
Thompson Truman NA 15
Thorne S. W. NA 15
Thorpe Addie LR 5
Thorson C. O. BG 17
Thorson John BG 17
Thurber Estate NA 15
Thurow A. E. FO 11
Thurow A. W. KE 13
Thurow Clarence LR 5
Thurow E. F. LR 5
Thurow Louis KE 13
Thurow Wilhelmina C. KE 13
Tomblin N. W. LR 5
Tremaine B. P., Mrs. LI 19
Tremaine George LI 19
Tremaine H. LI 19
Tripp L. LR 5
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