Index to the 1941 Plat Map

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Index to the 1941 Atlas of Kendall County, Illinois
By Elmer Dickson

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O'Brien Anna SE 21
O'Brien F. L. BR 7
O'Brien George, Est. LI 19
O'Brien J. F. SE 21
O'Brien John LI 19
O'Brien John F. SE 21
O'Connell Daisy OS 9
Ochenslager Kenneth OS 9
Odell J. J., Est. SE 21
Olsen Alfred T. LR 5
Olsen Edith May LR 5
Olsen Walter S. KE 13
Olson Axel LI 19
Olson Chris BR 7
Olson Eli E. FO 11
Olson Hans O. LI 19
Olson John BG 17
Olson John KE 13
Olson Lillie BG 17
Olson O. M., Mrs. FO 11
Olson Olaf BG 17
Olson Ole FO 11
Olson Ole D. FO 11
Olson Percy BR 7
Olson Sylvan BG 17
Olson Walter S. KE 13
Olson Wesley SE 21
Oros John OS 9
Orr Alice Mergo FO 11
Orr L. M. & Olive B. LR 5
Orton Elias BG 17
Osmanson O. E. SE 21
Osmanson Sam K. LI 19
Osmundson O., Mrs. FO 11
Ott Lewis LR 5
Ott W. C. LR 5
Otto Lewis FO 11
Otto Martin FO 11
Overland Mary LI 19
Owens Jay C. NA 15
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