Index to the 1941 Plat Map

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Index to the 1941 Atlas of Kendall County, Illinois
By Elmer Dickson

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Naden J. S. FO 11
Naden James D. BG 17
Naden James S. LI 19
Naden John BG 17
Naden John M. BG 17
Naden Mamie M. LI 19
Naden Nellie BG 17
Naden Nellie M. BG 17
Naden Russell BR 7
Naden Russell LI 19
Naden Stanley LI 19
Naden Stanley W. LI 18
Nading Justus KE 13
Needham Earl LR 5
Neff E. E. LR 5
Nelson Belle BR 7
Nelson Bert BR 7
Nelson Edmund E., Est. BG 17
Nelson Hilda SE 21
Nelson Lewis S. FO 11
Nelson Mr. BG 17
Nelson Nels KE 13
Nelson Ole N. FO 11
Nelson Peter, Est. KE 13
Ness L. N. BG 17
Ness Severina BG 17
Neusiis Viola NA 15
Newbert A. FO 11
Newbert H. A. FO 11
Newhouse J. J. OS 9
Newsam George, Est. SE 21
Newsam Grace LI 19
Nichols G. H. FO 11
Nicholson Ruby FO 11
Nogaard C., Est. LI 19
Norem Harvey FO 11
Norman Morley FO 11
Browse this database by: Surname

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