Index to the 1941 Plat Map

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Index to the 1941 Atlas of Kendall County, Illinois
By Elmer Dickson

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Mack Frank BR 7
Mack Mae, Mrs. SE 21
Mack Thomas BR 7
Mack Thomas, Jr. BR 7
Maier C. LR 5
Maier Carl, Mrs. BR 7
Manchester E. FO 11
Mankle Marie BR 7
Mann Clint SE 21
Manning Roy BR 7
Markle Carl Johnson FO 11
Marklein Marie KE 13
Marklein Marie NA 15
Marsh Anna M. BR 7
Martie John G. NA 15
Martin R. L. KE 13
Martin W. M. LR 5
Martner E. L. BG 17
Martner L. C. KE 13
Mason Mary E., Est. KE 13
Masoti Mary, Est. KE 13
Mathre J. B. FO 11
Mathre Oscar T., Est. FO 11
Mathre Severin B. FO 11
Mathre William, Est. FO 11
Mathre William, Est. KE 13
Matlock E. L. KE 13
Matlock J. G. KE 13
Matlock Mable OS 9
Matthews John BR 7
McCambridge George SE 21
McCarthy Anna E. LR 5
McCarthy J. V. FO 11
McCarthy J. V. KE 13
McCauley Bert NA 15
McCauley E. NA 15
McCauley Eliza NA 15
McCauley Emmet M. NA 15
McCauley Frances LI 18
McCauley Fritz LI 18
McCauley James LI 18
McCauley Malinda LI 18
McCloud Anna LI 18
McCloud Rebecca Jane LI 18
McCloud William SE 21
McClure Mr. SE 21
McCormick E. J. FO 11
McCormick R. R. FO 11
McCormick R. R. LR 5
McCracken Maggie L. BR 7
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