Index to the 1941 Plat Map

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Index to the 1941 Atlas of Kendall County, Illinois
By Elmer Dickson

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La Due Thomas FO 11
La Forge John LI 18
La Forge John A. LI 18
Labay Michael NA 15
Lager Eliza SE 21
Lakin E. A. LR 5
Langhart L. D. LR 5
Larsen Fred SE 21
Larson Axel, Est. KE 13
Larson C. S. Est. LR 5
Larson Ida K. BG 17
Larson L. M., Est. BG 17
Larson Nels BG 17
Larson Terris C. BG 17
Larson Tores, Est. BG 17
Laurie Dora E. LR 5
Laurie William LR 5
Lawless Thomas OS 9
Lawyer J. A. KE 13
Layger Lewis NA 15
Leach Sarah J. BG 17
Leifheit Alvin LI 18
Leifheit August KE 13
Leifheit Paul LI 18
Leifheit R. W. KE 13
Leigh Glen OS 9
Leigh Helen OS 9
Leigh Maurice OS 9
Leigh Oliver OS 9
Light Charles BR 7
Light Charles OS 9
Lilley D. S. G., Est. BR 7
Lindemier Samuel LI 18
Lippold Alma, Mrs. BR 7
Lippold August KE 13
Lippold E. H. KE 13
Lippold Theodore BR 7
Lloyd Cyrus, Est. BG 17
Long Edw. C. BR 7
Lord Ruth Sears LR 5
Lutz William LI 19
Lutz William C. LI 18
Lutz William C. LI 19
Lyon E. J. OS 9
Lyon Elmer J. KE 13
Lyon H. BR 7
Lyon Thomas G., Est. NA 15
Lyon Thomas, Est. SE 21
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