Index to the 1941 Plat Map

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Index to the 1941 Atlas of Kendall County, Illinois
By Elmer Dickson

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Falkenberg Harry P. NA 15
Falkenberg Henry SE 21
Falkenberg M. J. NA 15
Falkenberg M. J. OS 9
Falkenberg Mary E. NA 15
Falkenberg W. H. NA 15
Fatland Martin BG 17
Fay Charles LR 5
Fennel Harriet BG 17
Ferrier E. G., Mrs. LI 19
Ferron Robert BR 7
Fiddyment Frank NA 15
Fijolek M. BG 17
Findlay Arthur NA 15
Findlay Clifford SE 21
Findlay John SE 21
Findlay Martha OS 9
Findlay Stanley SE 21
Findlay William SE 21
Findley Arthur SE 21
Findley Minnie SE 21
Finney Walter, Est. FO 11
Finnie W., Est. FO 11
Fitch Blanche R. BR 7
Fleming P. SE 21
Fleming Peter SE 21
Fletcher Charles E. LI 19
Fletcher Edwin L. LI 19
Fletcher Glen S. LI 19
Fletcher L. T. LI 19
Fletcher Thomas A. LI 19
Fletcher Thomas T. BG 17
Fletcher Thomas T. KE 13
Fletcher Thomas T. LI 19
Fletcher Thomas T. SE 21
Fletcher Thomas T., Est. LI 19
Foote Julia SE 21
Foran John BR 7
Ford A., Est. KE 13
Ford J. A., Est. KE 13
Foster Blanche E. BR 7
Foster Fred BR 7
Fousek Anton LR 5
Frank Jessie OS 9
Franklin George LR 5
Franz Matilda A. Cunnea LI 19
Frazer Arthur LR 5
Frazier Charles M. BR 7
Freeling N. W. LI 19
Freise W. A. KE 13
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