Index to the 1941 Plat Map

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Index to the 1941 Atlas of Kendall County, Illinois
By Elmer Dickson

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Calamoras George OS 9
Calhoun F. KE 13
Campbell F. H. SE 21
Campbell George KE 13
Campbell Grace E. OS 9
Cannon M. L. LR 5
Cannonrob P. R. OS 9
Carnes Hattie FO 11
Carr J. BR 7
Carr J. O. KE 13
Carr Mary C. LI 19
Cass J. R. LR 5
Cass John J. LR 5
Cavanaugh James SE 21
Cavanaugh Margaret SE 21
Chally Rasmus BG 17
Charles Elsie BR 7
Cherry C. Clifford, Est. NA 15
Cherry Charles T. NA 15
Cherry Clarence NA 15
Cherry Clifford A., Est. NA 15
Cherry Edith R. BR 7
Cherry Hattie OS 9
Cherry J. C. OS 9
Cherry Sarah NA 15
Chrisse Lewis OS 9
Christensen Peter FO 11
Christian Alvin E. NA 15
Christian Fred LI 19
Christian Nels FO 11
Christian Orville KE 13
Christian Otto C. NA 15
Christian Randall KE 13
Christian Randall LI 19
Christner John KE 13
Christoffel F. C. NA 15
Christopherson Clarence FO 11
Christopherson George SE 21
Churchill Donald SE 21
Churchill Edna E. SE 21
Churchill R. J. SE 21
Churchill Rufus J. SE 21
Clark C. A. NA 15
Clark C. A., Est. KE 13
Clark C. W. BR 7
Clark Clara NA 15
Clark Fred J. LI 19
Clark Lena NA 15
Clark R. W. NA 15
Clark Stella H. KE 13
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