Index to the 1870 Plat Map

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Index to 1870 Atlas of Kendall County, Illinois
By Stephenie Todd
Originally compiled and edited by Stephenie Todd. Permission to publish and use granted by Mrs. Todd. Edited by Elmer Dickson to conform to the format used.

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SurnameGiven NameSectionTownship
SurnameGiven NameSectionTownship
V. E. 36 LR
V. P. 5 OS
Valentine C. 13 OS
Van Alston   4 OS
Van Cleve E. 3, 4, 9, 10 SE
Van Dorston R. 19 NA
Van Dorston   12 KE
Van Duzen J. P. 30, 31 SE
Van Dyke J. 34 NA
Van Dyke P. 35 NA
Van D______   34 SE
Van Emmon G. 3, 4 KE
Van Fleet A. 3, 4 OS
Van Fleet W. 15 OS
Van Olinda D. 6 FO
Van Sickle H. 6 FO
Van Tassel L. 27 FO
Van Zandt J. 32 SE
Vernon N. 18 SE
Vincent W. 11 NA
Vincent W., Jr. 16 NA
Vreeland C. 22 BG
Vreeland G. J. 18 LI
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