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Some of the records were compiled from microfilm copies of Kendall County marriages filmed by the Latter Day Saints Church. Information in Kendall County Marriage Registers, Book A-1, Book 1 and Book 2, during the period from May 1841 to September 1915 are included.

Marriage Register Book A-1 included the name of the groom, the name of the bride, date of license and license number, and generally the date of marriage. It also included the person by whom they were certified (minister, judge, Justice Of The Peace, etc.) and when the marriage certificate was returned to the County Clerk's office. The date the certificate was issued was always given but in some cases the date of marriage was not provided. In these cases, the date the license was issued was used as the date of marriage. These cases are indicated by an asterisk (*) after the date. Notations in the index of Marriage Register Book A-1 indicate that some of the original marriage certificates are missing even though the marriage is registered.

Marriage Registers Books 1 and 2, included space for a considerably larger amount of relevant information. The following information was supplied: the number of the license; the date of license; by whom affidavit, if any, was given; by whom consent to the marriage was given; where and when the marriage took place; a list of the witnesses; by whom the marriage was certified with their name and office (a minister, judge, Justice Of The Peace, etc.); the date the marriage license was returned to the county clerk's office; and the date the license was registered in the county clerk's office.
The following questions relating to the groom were asked: the full name of the groom; the groom's place of residence; the groom's occupation; the groom's age on his next birthday; the groom's race or color; the groom's place of birth; the groom's father's name; the groom's mother's name; and the number of the groom's marriage. The following questions relating to the bride were asked: the full name of the bride; the bride's maiden name if a widow; the bride's place of residence; the bride's age on her next birthday; the bride's race or color; the bride's place of birth; the bride's father's name; the bride's mother's name; and the number of the bride's marriage.

Unfortunately, many spaces in Marriage Registers, Books 1 and 2 were left blank and unanswered. The date a marriage certificate was issued was typically given. In some cases, the date of marriage was not provided. In these cases the date the license was returned or recorded, was used as the date of marriage, as the actual date is unknown.

Marriage records have been extended from the ending date in the official Marriage Registers of September 1915 until December 31, 1949. These marriage records were acquired from several sources. Early issues of the Kendall County Record and the Kendall County News read, and when a writeup of a marriage was found the information was added to the marriage record database. These entries are indicated by the word "newspaper."

During some of the period between September, 1915 and December, 1949 a weekly list of the marriage licenses issued, was published in the local newspapers. These entries are indicated by the word "license." The dates indicated generally a short period before the actual wedding date.

A final significant source of marriage data was found four Lutheran Church records; thet were Cross Lutheran, coded CLMar; Immanuel Lutheran, coded IL Mar; Newark Lutheran, coded NLMar; and Plattville Lutheran, coded PLMar.

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Groom'sGroom'sBride'sBride'sDate    Place of      License
SurnameGiven NameMaiden NameGiven NameMoDyYrMarriageSourceBookPageNo.
Groom'sGroom'sBride'sBride'sDate    Place of      License
SurnameGiven NameMaiden NameGiven NameMoDyYrMarriageSourceBookPageNo.
Dunavan George Rogers Katie M. Mar 3 1877 Adams Twp, IL Newspaper
Usilton Harry Butcher ng Jan ng 1908 Aledo, IL Newspaper
Bennett Daniel Hatch Sylvia Nov 10 1846 Alleghany Co., NY Newspaper
Palmer Fred Gordon Ballard Josephine Sep 2 1885 Alpena, MI Newspaper
Pearce Colvin Perry Lucy A. Oct 26 1870 Amboy, IL Newspaper
Hicks Wallace Moulton Lizzie Mar 7 1887 Amboy, IL? Newspaper
Havenhill Mark Overholser Alice Aug 16 1904 Ames, IA Newspaper
Ellis Robert VanZandt Martha Jun 29 1917 Ann Arbor, MI Newspaper
Allen William Thompson Mary Sep 18 1907 Argus, IN Newspaper
Fox Lewis Lyons Hattie Jan 1 1878 Asbury, IL Newspaper
Jones Alfred Dickson Fannie Dec 1 1875 Asbury.IL Newspaper
Heap James Wilber O'Brien Maggie Maude Mar 20 1906 Auburn Park, IL Newspaper
Tenney Jesse C. Ferry Jennie (Emma?) Feb 5 1880 Aurora Twp, IL Newspaper
Abens John Peter Dickes Margaret [Margaretta] Feb 19 1901 Aurora, IL Newspaper
Ackley Chester Burton "Bert" Kendall Ethel A. Nov 6 1901 Aurora, IL Newspaper
Adams John Galleand Harriet "Hattie" Nov 15 1913 Aurora, IL Newspaper
Albee Franklin "Frank" Ashley Orpha Eliza Apr 22 1875 Aurora, IL Newspaper
Ament James E. Stoughton Estella Dec 4 1875 Aurora, IL Newspaper
Andrews Nelson E. Cobb Mary Elizabeth Dec 24 1883 Aurora, IL Newspaper
Ashley Charles E. Reed Ada Nov 23 1870 Aurora, IL Newspaper
Ater/Aters? Al Boyd Cleo (Moore) Jun 7 1908 Aurora, IL Newspaper
Barrett Charles Fowler Nancy Apr ng 1914 Aurora, IL Newspaper
Barron Robert Watters Skinner Hazel Dell Jun 22 1909 Aurora, IL Newspaper
Baxter John F. (A.?) English Mary D. May 6 1875 Aurora, IL Newspaper
Beebe Orville Wormley Smith Susan Esther Jul 26 1869 Aurora, IL Newspaper
Biesemeier Harry Shedd Mary Aug 13 1913 Aurora, IL Newspaper
Boomer William Cliggitt Margaret Apr 20 1881 Aurora, IL Newspaper
Bray Frank Henry Isabelle Apr 23 1880 Aurora, IL Newspaper
Brear Samuel D. Burkhardt Maria S. Mar 2 1871 Aurora, IL Newspaper
Britz John N. McCollum Mary F. Oct 15 1891 Aurora, IL Newspaper
Brown Jesse Freeman Inez Dec 7 1901 Aurora, IL Newspaper
Browne Samuel Henry Brodie Coral Belle Sep 9 1903 Aurora, IL Newspaper
Bryant William Rogers Rozali I. "Rosa" Oct 1 1892 Aurora, IL Newspaper
Burghart/Burkhart George Shields Mary Nov 24 1889 Aurora, IL Newspaper
Calkins William E. Casselman Rettie J. Dec 10 1874 Aurora, IL Newspaper
Calvert William T. Shumaker Maud A. Aug 31 1891 Aurora, IL Newspaper
Caple Elgin P. Burlew Nora Dec 22 1890 Aurora, IL Newspaper
Carlson Charles Croushorn Emma S. Oct 14 1908 Aurora, IL Newspaper
Cherry Abraham Robert Cooney Harriette Jan 7 1904 Aurora, IL Newspaper
Cherry Charles T. Clark Emma B. Dec 31 1879 Aurora, IL Newspaper
Cherry Charles Thompson Rickard Edith Mary Nov 16 1902 Aurora, IL Newspaper
Cherry William Cornell Ella L. Dec 21 1901 Aurora, IL Newspaper
Clayton Gilbert O. Robinson Mamie A. Jun 10 1887 Aurora, IL Newspaper
Colledge William A., Dr. Beaupre Olive Oct 2 1907 Aurora, IL Newspaper
Collins Frank E. Bassett Florence Mable Aug 16 1892 Aurora, IL Newspaper
Colquist John W. Aitken Harriet Aug 7 1878 Aurora, IL Newspaper
Curry Thomas "Oakley" Pierce Mildred Mary Dec 3 1893 Aurora, IL Newspaper
Cutter Fred P. Shannan Mary Dec 16 1892 Aurora, IL Newspaper
Cutter Scott Clay Gaylord Clara Mary Nov 16 1898 Aurora, IL Newspaper
Dakin William H. Richards Jennie M. Aug 11 1890 Aurora, IL Newspaper
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