Kendall County Teachers

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[C = TBD] [B = Bateman and Selby, History of Kendall County, 1914]
[H = Rev. E. W. Hicks, History of Kendall County by, 1877] [N = TBD]

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SurnameGiven NameSchoolDateResidenceRemarksSource
SurnameGiven NameSchoolDateResidenceRemarksSource
Amley Clara (Roth) Booth Lisbon Twp. B
Anderson Agnes (Moe) White Willow 1921-1922 Lisbon Twp. B
Anderson Agnes (Moe) Millington Fox Twp. B
Anderson Alexander J. Fowler Institute Principal, graduate of Knox College. B
Anderson Anna Greenfield School a.k.a. Darnell & Rogers. B
Anderson Anna Isaac Anderson School a.k.a. Crum & Preston. B
Anderson Arthur, Mrs. White Willow 1944-1945 Lisbon Twp. B
Anderson Bernice (Fruland) Harvey 1937-1939 School a.k.a. Updike. B
Anderson Dale Cassem School a.k.a. Johnson & Petty. B
Anderson Dorothy (Dier) Inscho 1940-1943 School a.k.a. Martner & Roberts. B
Anderson Edith Bristol-Yorkville Bristol Twp. B
Anderson Evelyn Naden Big Grove Twp. B
Anderson Frances (Goodwick) Naden 1934-1935 Big Grove Twp. B
Anderson Leota Bertram 1934-1935 Across county line in Kane County. B
Anderson Lois (Johnson) Holderman School a.k.a. Stephen & Hoge. B
Anderson Marjorie Lisbon Lisbon Twp. B
Anderson Matilda Isaac Anderson School a.k.a. Crum & Preston. B
Anderson Matilda Newark Teacher in grade school. B
Anderson Millard Plattville 1935-1940 Lisbon Twp. B
Anderson Millie Helmar Parochial Kendall Twp. B
Anderson Miss Yorkville High 1913-1914 Principal B
Anderson Rosalie Bristol Station Bristol Twp. B
Anderson Rosalie White Willow Lisbon Twp. B
Anderson Tavia Weeks School a.k.a. Worsley. B
Andrews C., Mr. 1860 Lisbon Twp. B
Andrews Effie Lisbon Center Lisbon Twp. B
Andrews James G. Cherry 1855-1856 School a.k.a. Grove. B
Andrews James G. Collins School a.k.a. German. B
Andrews James G. Union NaAuSay Twp. B
Andrews Libbie Collins 1884-1885 School a.k.a. German. B
Andrews Libbie Oswego 1884-1885 Oswego Twp. B
Andrews Libbie Wormley 1885-1886 Oswego Twp. B
Andrews Lida McCauley 1872-1873 School a.k.a. Becker & Foulston. B
Andrews Lida Cutter 1873-1874 School a.k.a. Cowdrey & Fox. B
Andrews Lillian Plano Grade 1898-1899 Teacher, third grade. B
Andrews Lydia Cutter School a.k.a. Cowdrey & Fox. B
Andrews Mr. Lisbon Academy Private school in Lisbon, IL. B
Andrews Sarah A. Gaylord School a.k.a. Suydam. B
Andrews Sarah A. Union NaAuSay Twp. B
Andrus Mr. Lisbon ca 1840 Lisbon Twp. B
Anfinson Josiah A. Porter Lisbon Twp. B
Angel Elizabeth Henderson ca 1860 Seward Twp. B
Applebee Julia Oswego Oswego Twp. B
Applegate Kittie Scott/Tyler 1892-1893 School renamed Tyler. B
Armbruster Lucille Gorton 1912-1913 School a.k.a. Stebbins. B
Armbruster Lucille Wynne School a.k.a. Todd. B
Armour Andrew, Sr. 1880 Oswego Twp. B
Armour Jean Harvey 1892-1896 School a.k.a. Updike. B
Armstrong Bessie Russell 1889-1890 Oswego Twp. B
Armstrong John A. Hiram Brown Little Rock Twp. B
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