Kendall County Teachers

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[C = TBD] [B = Bateman and Selby, History of Kendall County, 1914]
[H = Rev. E. W. Hicks, History of Kendall County by, 1877] [N = TBD]

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SurnameGiven NameSchoolDateResidenceRemarksSource
SurnameGiven NameSchoolDateResidenceRemarksSource
MacArthur Mima Yorkville High 1909-1910 Principal N
Madison George L. Marysville 1871-1872 Aurora School a.k.a. Becker & Foulston. N
Mahan Agnes Sandy Bluff School a.k.a. Tolman. N
Mahan Agnes Shonts School a.k.a. Holdridge. N
Maher Helen Booth Lisbon Twp. N
Maier Ruth E. Fox 1922-1924 Fox Twp. N
Malcolm Jessie Keck School a.k.a. Young. N
Malker Edward Darnell Fox Twp. N
Manchester Helen Brown School a.k.a. Stephen W. Brown. N
Manchester Mabel Newark Teacher in grade school. N
Manley Pearl Plattville 1904-1906 Lisbon Twp. N
Manley Pearl Booth Lisbon Twp. N
Mann Lillie (Dell) Union 1917-1918 NaAuSay Twp. N
Manor Pearl Cherry 1855-1856 School a.k.a. Grove. N
Manthie Alma McCauley School a.k.a. Whitlock. N
Mantor Egbert, Mrs. Porter Lisbon Twp. N
Marble Minnie Rickard 1894 Bristol Twp. N
Marcy Martha Scott/Tyler 1869-1870 School renamed Tyler. N
Markham Miss Fowler Institute Big Grove Twp. N
Markhus O. J., Mr. Lisbon Parochial ca 1860 Big Grove Twp. N
Markowitz Bessie W. Little Rock Little Rock Twp. N
Marsh Alice Yorkville High 1913-1914 Assistant Principal N
Marshall Eloise Bell 1930-1931 Minooka Seward Twp N
Marshall Grace Fox Fox Twp. N
Marshall Grace Marysville School a.k.a. Becker & Foulston. N
Marshall Jane Yorkville Grade 1912-1914 Grammar department N
Marshall Mary B. Bristol-Yorkville Primary department N
Marston Lois Austin Fox Twp. N
Marston Lois Yorkville Teacher in school, N.E. cr. Madison & Adams. N
Martin C. G. Oswego Teacher in school near Oliver Hebert's shop. N
Martin Carina 1860 Kendall Twp. N
Martin Charles F. Lisbon Academy Graduate Knox College, became minister. N
Martin Livonia Brown School a.k.a. Stephen W. Brown. N
Martin Mr. Pearce School a.k.a. Squires. N
Martin Mrs. Marysville 1845 School a.k.a. Becker & Foulston. N
Martindale Etta Needham ca 1860 School a.k.a. Lewis. N
Martindale Etta Pletcher ca 1860 Lisbon Twp. N
Martindale Etta Millington ca 1860 Fox Twp. N
Martner Janet (Grate) Inscho 1918-1919 School a.k.a. Martner & Roberts. N
Marvick Margaretha 1890-1891 N
Mason Anna Wilcox Oswego Twp. N
Mason Milfred Plattville 1912-1913 Assistant principal. N
Mason Milo L. Stone School (1852-1885) Principal N
Mason Milo L. Oswego Grade 1873-1874 Intermediate department N
Mason Mr. Minkler 1837- Teacher in log school opened in 1835. N
Mason Wellington Newark 1853-1867 Teacher in school built in 1853. N
Mass Addie Keck 1918-1919 School a.k.a. Young. N
Massey Stillme, Mrs. Porter Lisbon Twp. N
Mathre Anna Cassem School a.k.a. Johnson & Petty. N
Mathre Esther Naden 1927-1928 Big Grove Twp. N
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