Kendall County Teachers

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[C = TBD] [B = Bateman and Selby, History of Kendall County, 1914]
[H = Rev. E. W. Hicks, History of Kendall County by, 1877] [N = TBD]

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SurnameGiven NameSchoolDateResidenceRemarksSource
SurnameGiven NameSchoolDateResidenceRemarksSource
Kahle Erna Faxon Bristol & Little Rock Townships. N
Kahle Erna Gorton School a.k.a. Stebbins. N
Kahle Ethel Wilcox Oswego Twp. N
Kalin Esther I. Porter 1930-1932 Lisbon Twp. N
Kaye Miss Yorkville High 1903-1904 Assistant N
Keck Florence Wormley Oswego Twp. N
Keck Miss Keck School a.k.a. Young. N
Keeler J. W. Stebbins (cement) (1851-1866) School a.k.a "Gravel School." N
Keeler J. W. Boomer Bristol Twp. N
Keeler J. W. Bertram Across county line in Kane County. N
Keene Lucy Bell Seward Twp N
Kehl Charlotte Little Rock Little Rock Twp. N
Kehl Clara Plano Grade Little Rock Twp. N
Kehl Laura Newark Principal N
Kehl Lillian Newark Primary department N
Kehl Lillian Plano Grade Little Rock Twp. N
Kehl Luella Plano Grade Little Rock Twp. N
Keith Lyman Fourth Ward School a.k.a. Bushnell. N
Kellett Zillah Pavilion 1871-1872 Kendall Twp. N
Kellogg George Oswego 1837- Oswego Twp. N
Kellogg George Wormley Oswego Twp. N
Kellogg Grace (Perkins) Marysville School a.k.a. Becker & Foulston. N
Kellogg Myrtle Marysville School a.k.a. Becker & Foulston. N
Kellogg William Pitt Union 1868 Became Governor of Louisiana in 1866. N
Kelsey Ethel Porter Lisbon Twp. N
Kelsey Ethel Scofield School a.k.a. Red School. N
Kemmers Sarah Hiram Brown Little Rock Twp. N
Kemplea Abel, Mrs. Porter Lisbon Twp. N
Kendrick Julia 1860 Little Rock Twp. N
Kendrick William Ament/Van Buren ca 1860 School first known as Ament, later Van Buren. N
Kendrick William Boomer ca 1860 Bristol Twp. N
Kennedy Laura Hiram Brown 1912-1913 Little Rock Twp. N
Kennedy Mary J., Mrs. Wormley 1930-1931 Yorkville Oswego Twp. N
Kennedy Ruth Boomer 1912-1913 Bristol Twp. N
Kent Anna Lisbon Academy 1869-1870 Assistant teacher intermediate department. N
Kent Anna White Willow Lisbon Twp. N
Kent Emma White Willow 1882-1883 Lisbon Twp. N
Kent Emma Walker 1884-1885 Oswego Twp. N
Kent Emma Scott/Tyler School renamed Tyler. N
Kent John H., Rev. Lisbon Academy 1869-1870 Principal, teacher in intermediate department. N
Kent John H., Rev. White Willow 1871-1872 Lisbon Twp. N
Kent John H., Rev. Holderman School a.k.a. Stephen & Hoge. N
Kent John H., Rev. Porter Lisbon Twp. N
Kenyon Miss Gaylord School a.k.a. Suydam. N
Kern Edward Brown School a.k.a. Stephen W. Brown. N
Kern Edward Kendall School a.k.a. Shepard. N
Kerns Kathryn Little Rock 1934-1935 Little Rock Twp. N
Kerr H. Ella Oswego 1883-1884 Oswego Twp. N
Kerr Henry C. Squires 1871-1872 School a.k.a. Pearce. N
Kerr Henry C. Collins School a.k.a. German. N
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