Kendall County Pioneers 1828-1840

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It is now approximately 175 years since the first people moved into what became Kendall County. The first pioneers settled near the timber. They believed the trees would help protect them from the fierce winds that blew across the prairie. They also needed to be near a source of building material, and fuel for cooking and heating their homes.

The pioneer's best source of water was a good spring. Initially springs were plentiful and the settlers clustered around them. After the most desirable land was taken, pioneers began to drain the sloughs. When the sloughs were drained, the springs dried up and the pioneers were forced to seek other sources of drinking water. Initially wells were dug by hand, but the depth a well could be dug was limited. It was not until the late eighteen seventies or early eighteen eighties, that well drilling technology advanced to the point that deeper wells could be drilled. The ability to drill a well, even through solid rock, was a major factor in the development of the area away from the timber and streams that flowed through the groves.

When the first settlers arrived, the closest mill was near Peoria. Under normal circumstances, taking wheat or corn to the mill required several days. When weather was bad, a round trip to the mill could take two or three weeks.

Initially wheat was the only marketable commodity. Chicago was the nearest market but there were no roads between Kendall County and Chicago. The grain had to be hauled there by wagon, sloughs were numerous and difficult to pass through, and rivers and creeks had to be crossed without the benefit of bridges. A round trip to Chicago often required several days.

During the initial settlement period there was virtually no money in circulation, requiring the pioneers to trade one commodity or skill for another. If they became ill or were injured, they had to rely on their own medical skill to survive.

Those who led the way had to survive droughts, prairie fires, storms, harsh economic times, and much other depravation.

To the extent possible, the following represents a list of the names, and the genealogy of the pioneers and settlers who came to Kendall County before January 1, 1841. In some cases it was not possible to determine the pioneer's date and place of death. In other cases pioneers were tracked for a while and then lost. Information in brackets [ ] within the second "Place" column indicates the last place and time the compiler was able to find that person. For example, [Burlington, IA 1910] means the last genealogical sighting of the person referred to was Burlington, Iowa in 1910.

Some of the entries are incomplete. Addition information or corrections will be gratefully accepted.

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SurnameGiven NameMoDyYrPlace of BirthMoDyYrPlace of DeathTwpYearCode
Alford Katherine (d. Clark Baker, Sr. & Katherine (Ricketson)) Oct 10 1839 Kendall Twp, IL Nov 12 1907 KE 1838 HI
Alford Katherine (Ricketson)(Mrs. Clark Baker, Sr.) Jan 5 1812 Clinton Co., NY Apr 25 1878 Waterman, IL LI 1834 HI
Alford Perlina Ricketson (d. Clark Baker, Sr. & Katherine (Ricketson)) Sep 6 1829 New York aft 1850 [Kendall Twp, IL 1850] KE 1834
Alford Vincent Lorenzo (s. Clark Baker, Sr. & Katherine (Ricketson)) Mar 7 1831 New York Apr 2 1898 Kansas KE 1834
Allen Charles C. (s-in-l J. Harvey & Mary Bates) Aug ng 1833 New York aft 1910 [Los Angles, CA 1910] BR 1839 BS
Allen Harriet E. (Bates)(Mrs. Charles C.) Jun ng 1837 Fox Twp, IL aft 1910 [Los Angles, CA 1910] FO 1836 HI
Allen Jane A. (Hunter)(Mrs. Martin V.) abt 1837 New Comnock, Scot. nf 1900 [Aurora, IL 1890] LR 1837 HI
Allen Oscar (s. Varanas Van & Sophia (Kellogg) Mar 11 1840 Oswego, IL Sep ng 1906 Marshalltown, Marshall Co.,IA OS 1840
Allen Sophia (Kellogg)(Mrs. Varanas Van)(d. Sherman & Sarah) Oct 8 1807 Castleton, VT Jan 2 1885 Portland, OR BG 1836 HI
Allen Varanas Van (s. Abner & Martha (Smith)) Oct 31 1799 Killingly, Windham, CT Dec 6 1854 Kendall Co., IL OS 1840
Allison Sophia Amanda (Parkhurst)(Mrs. James) Dec 25 1839 Oswego Twp, IL Dec 28 1907 State Center, Marshall Co., IA OS 1839
Ament Anson Clark (s. John Viele & Eunice)(B-H War)(Died CW) Aug ng 1815 Elizabethtown, KY Apr 5 1863 Helena, AR KE 1831 HI
Ament Calvin, Rev. (s. John Viele & Eunice)(Capt. B-H War) abt 1820 Elizabethtown, KY abt 1856 Hancock Co., IL KE 1831 HI
Ament Chester Duncan (s. Edward Glenn & Emily Ann (Harris)) Apr 24 1833 Kendall Co., IL Jun 2 1879 Fox Twp, IL KE 1833 HI
Ament Edward Glenn (s. John Viele & Eunice)(B-H War) Sep 15 1806 Dansville, NY Nov 22 1888 Rogers Park, IL KE 1831 HI
Ament Emily Ann (Harris)(1st Mrs. Edward Glenn) Nov 16 1815 Ohio? Nov 6 1836 Kendall Twp, IL KE 1833 HI
Ament Eunice (Mrs. John Viele) abt 1781 Dansville, NY Dec 8 1839 Kendall Co., IL BG 1831 HI
Ament Hiram Erastus (s. John Viele & Eunice)(B-H War) Jul 27 1812 Elizabethtown, KY Nov 28 1895 Greenville, CA KE 1831 HI
Ament John V. (s. Justice E. & Susan Ann (Beery)) Dec 6 1829 Illinois May 9 1862 Big Rock Twp, IL KE 1831 HI
Ament Justus E. (s. John Viele & Eunice)(77-7-21) Apr 27 1808 Elizabethtown, KY Dec 12 1885 Big Rock Twp, IL KE 1831 HI
Ament Mary (Luce)(2nd Mrs. Edward Glenn) abt 1819 New York nf 1870 [Kendall Co., IL 1860] KE 1839
Ament Mary Jane (d. Hiram Erastus and Nancy C. (Harris)) Mar 5 1837 Kendall Twp, IL Mar 25 1916 St. Helena, CA KE 1837
Ament Nancy C. (Harris)(1st Mrs. Hiram Erastus) abt 1817 abt 1840-3 Kendall Twp, IL KE 1833 HI
Ament Preston Warfield (s. Edward Glenn & Emily Ann (Harris)) Nov 11 1835 Kendall Co., IL Nov 7 1896 Colorado KE 1835 HI
Ament Susan Ann (Beery)(Mrs. Justice Erastus) abt 1811 Scottsville, KY Aug ng 1881 Big Rock Twp, IL KE 1831 HI
Ament Sylvester E. (s. Edward Glenn & Mary (Luce)) abt 1840 Kendall Co., IL Dec 19 1925 Bremen, Cook Co., IL KE 1840 HI
Ament William A. (s. Justice Erastus & Susan Ann (Beery)) abt 1831 Illinois nf 1900 [Kane Co., IL 1880] KE 1831 HI
Amey Charlotte (Holderman)(Mrs. Charles A.) Sep 24 1840 Big Grove Twp, IL Aug 23 1901 Manlius Twp, La Salle Co., IL BG 1840 HI
Amidon Jane (House) abt 1812 Oneida Co., NY abt 1895 Joliet, IL SE 1833 HI
Anderson Narvey (James Harkness' son-in-law) Jul 26 1817 Dramen, Norway Nov 28 1905 Yorkville, IL KE 1839 OS
Andrews Julia E. (Arnold)(Mrs. Jerome E.) abt 1838 Oswego, IL Mar 18 1872 Kirkwood, MO OS 1838 HI
Armour Christiana (Mrs. James) abt 1810 Scotland nf 1870 [Dayton, IL 1860] BG 1838 HI
Armour George (bro.James)(owned store in Newark) abt 1812 Scotland aft 1850 [Chicago, IL 1850] BG 1838 HI
Armour James (bro. George)(owned store in Newark) abt 1803 Scotland nf 1870 [Dayton, IL 1860] BG 1838 HI
Armstrong Ann (d. William & Theresa) abt 1839 Illinois aft 1860 [Harvey, Meeker, MN 1860] SE 1839 CE
Armstrong Michael (s. William & Theresa) abt 1837 Ireland nds [Harvey, Meeker, MN 1860] SE 1839 CE
Armstrong Theresa (Mrs. William) abt 1815 Ireland aft 1880 [Forest, Meeker, MN 1880] SE 1839 CE
Armstrong William abt 1814 Ireland Dec 19 1894 Mannanah, MN? SE 1839 CE
Arnold Elizabeth "Lizzie" (d. Levi F. & Maria S.)(unmarried) Dec 26 1840 Oswego, IL Feb 11 1872 Chicago, IL OS 1840 HI
Arnold Ellen Hubbard (Cook)(Mrs. Albert O.) abt 1838 Fox Twp, IL Oct 6 1888 Elk Creek, CA FO 1838 HI
Arnold Harriet H. (d. Levi F. & Maria S.) Jul 12 1834 Oswego, IL Jan 23 1874 Chicago, IL OS 1835 HI
Arnold Julia E. (d. Levi F. & Maria S.) abt 1838 Oswego, IL Mar 18 1872 Kirkwood, MO OS 1838 HI
Arnold Levi F. (helped lay out village of Oswego) May 4 1807 Sep 18 1844 Oswego, IL OS 1835 HI
Arnold Lydia M. F. (d. Levi F. & Maria S.) Mar 19 1836 Illinois Jul 14 1900 Chicago, IL OS 1836 HI
Arnold Maria S. (Mrs. Levi F.)(73-11-?) abt 1812 Ohio Nov 12 1886 Chicago, IL OS 1835 HI
Arundale Caroline (Hough)(Mrs. Joshua)(d. John C. & Julia A.) Oct 9 1832 New York Sep 18 1906 Lisbon, IL NA 1835 HI
Ashley Almira H. (d. Stephen Ferriss & Roxana (Pitcher))(mar. C. F. Shaver) Oct 1 1828 New York Jun 22 1893 Oswego, IL OS 1835 HI
Ashley Almon Pitcher (s. Stephen Ferriss & Roxana (Pitcher)) Sep 16 1822 Mayville, NY Oct 19 1890 Kendall Twp, IL OS 1835 HI
Ashley Alvina (d. Otis & Mary "Caroline" (Stebbins) abt 1838 Oswego Twp, IL 1857 Kendall Co., IL OS 1838 HI
Ashley Amanda "Malvina" (d. Stephen Ferriss & Roxana (Pitcher)) Apr 2 1825 Mayville, NY Sep 28 1903 Oswego, IL OS 1835 HI
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