Veterans of the War of 1812 Buried in Kendall County

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Cemetery codes used: [Albert Hassel = AH] [Aux Sable Grove = AS] [Cowdrey = CO] [Cross Lutheran Church = CL] [Doud = DO] [Elmwood = EW] [Griswold = GR] [Helmar Lutheran Church = HL] [Hubbell = HU] [Immanuel Lutheran Church = IL] [Keck Memorial = KM] [Lincoln Memorial = LM] [Lisbon = LI] [Little Rock Township = LR] [Millington-Newark = MN] [Oak Grove = OG] [Oswego Prairie = OP] [Oswego Township = OS] [Pavilion = PA] [Pearce = PE] [Plattville = PV] [Plattville Lutheran Church = PL] [Sacred Bluff = SB] [Saint Patrick's = SP] [Sandy Bluff = HA] [Seward Mound = SM] [Shonts = SH] [West Lisbon Lutheran Church = WL] and [Wormley = WO.]

An asterisk after the cemetery code indicates compilers believe the person indicated was buried in this cemetery but do not have absolute proof to support their belief.

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Browse this database by: Surname

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