Veterans of the Civil War Buried in Kendall County

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Cemetery Codes Used

Cemetery codes used: [Albert Hassel = AH] [Aux Sable Grove = AS] [Cowdrey = CO] [Cross Lutheran Church = CL] [Doud = DO] [Elmwood = EW] [Griswold = GR] [Helmar Lutheran Church = HL] [Hubbell = HU] [Immanuel Lutheran Church = IL] [Keck Memorial = KM] [Lincoln Memorial = LM] [Lisbon = LI] [Little Rock Township = LR] [Millington-Newark = MN] [Oak Grove = OG] [Oswego Prairie = OP] [Oswego Township = OS] [Pavilion = PA] [Pearce = PE] [Plattville = PV] [Plattville Lutheran Church = PL] [Sacred Bluff = SB] [Saint Patrick's = SP] [Sandy Bluff = HA] [Seward Mound = SM] [Shonts = SH] [West Lisbon Lutheran Church = WL] and [Wormley = WO.]


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    Bir    Place OfDea    Place OfDate Of  
SurnameGiven NameMoDyYrBirthMoDyYrDeathObituaryCem
    Bir    Place OfDea    Place OfDate Of  
SurnameGiven NameMoDyYrBirthMoDyYrDeathObituaryCem
Tallmadge Chauncey B. (Co. H, 89th IL INF) 1836 Jan 6 1865 PV
Taylor Charles (Navy Civil War) nds nds LR
Taylor Ezra (s. Elisha & Mary)(Co. D, 36th IL INF) nds Sep 21 1863 Chickamunga MN
Taylor Samuel W. (Co. F, 194th PA INF) Jan 16 1849 Jun 30 1913 LR
Terry Amos A. (Co. H. 52nd IL INF) nds Jan ng 1900 Aurora, IL OS
Thompson John C. (s. A. & E.)(Co. F, 36th IL INF) Apr 21 1831 Pennsylvania Jun 27 1890 Lisbon, IL 07/02/90 LI
Thompson Ole H. (Sgt Co. D, 36th IL INF) Jun 10 1838 Norway, Europe Dec 27 1884 Lisbon Twp 12/31/84 WL
Thompson Ole R. (Co. F, 36th IL INF) nds Jan 5 1923 Lisbon, IL 01/10/23 WL
Thompson Thomas A. (s. Askoudt)(Co. F, 36th IL INF) Jan 24 1837 Nov 27 1890 HL
Thompson Walter G. H. (KIA)(Co. I, 60th IL INF) 1829 Sep 19 1864 Winchester, VA AS
Thompson William (Co. A, 16th IL INF) May 2 1796 Ireland May 1 1882 Plattville, IL 05/04/82 PV
Thorson John Oscar (Co. E, 91st IL INF) nds Jul 3 1912 MN
Tichnor Charles H. (Co. F, 60th IL INF) 1841 Canada Jul 2 1906 Danville, IL OG
Tinder George W. (CW Vet CSA) Jun 26 1837 Virginia May 14 1919 Minooka, IL SM
Titlow Thomas P. (Sgt Co. E, 36th IL Inf) abt 1844 Jun 23 1893 Chicago, IL 06/28/93 PA
Tooley George H. (Co. G. 1st CT Heavy ART) Aug 22 1840 New Madra, CT Feb 1 1921 Plano, IL 2/09/21 KCN LR
Tooley Harvey W. (Co. I, 36th IL INF) nds Vermont Mar 3 1864 Oswego, IL DO
Tremaine Revellon H. (Co. K, 8th IL CAV) nds Dec 2 1885 CO
Tripp Perry Green (FL War) & (Co. E, 13th IL INF) Jun 15 1819 Chenango Co., NY Mar 24 1908 Elgin St. Hosp. 03/25/08 PA
Tubbs Franklin D. (Co. F, 141st IL INF) nds nds MN
Tucker Charles (Co. F, 60th IL INF) nds 1906 OG
Tucker Nehemiah (Co. A, 127th IL INF) Sep 29 1810 Jul 17 1895 Little Rock Twp 07/24/95 MN
Tucker Samuel D. (Co. D, 36th IL INF) nds Feb 22 1871 LI
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