Kendall County Residents Who Served in the Vietnam War

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Criteria for inclusion, active and honorable duty between August 5, 1964 and March 29, 1973 .

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Abbreviations used: Bronze Star, Br. Star; Combat Infantry Badge, C I Badge; Distinguished Service Cross, DSC; Killed in action, KIA;  Missing in action, MIA; Wounded in action, WIA; Vietnam Service Medal, Vietnam.
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SurnameGiven NameUnitRankRemarksResidence
SurnameGiven NameUnitRankRemarksResidence
Orr Alan D. USAF Plano
Kick Albert Army Sp. 4
Reid Allen Dale USAF Vietnam
Helan Allen Lee USAF
Barlow Amos, Jr. Army
Turnquist Andrew John USAF Yorkville
Ragnes Andrew Philip Navy Lt Yorkville
Star Anthony USAF A 1/c Plano
Newberry Anthony R. USMC Plano
Shields Anthony W. Navy Vietnam Plano
Vilmin Arnold Laverne USAF Vietnam Plano
Moore Arthur Robert Army Vietnam
Olson Arthur T. USAF Sr. M/Sgt Newark
Killey Arthur V. Navy Plano
Leifheit August F. Navy Ch. PO Oswego
Burdette B. USAF Vietnam Plano
Kimes Barry C. Army Pfc Vietnam Yorkville
Jacobson Barry Lynn USAF A 1/c Vietnam Newark
Buckley Barry S. Army Captain Vietnam Oswego
Thrall Benjamin Clifford Army Oswego
Holstine Bernard Louis Army Vietnam
Boeger Bernard W. USAF Sgt Yorkville
Greer Billy J. Army Vietnam Newark
Magnotti Brian Navy Vietnam Plano
Hastings Bruce USMC Vietnam Plano
VonOhlen Bruce A. Army Plano
Knudson Bruce Owen Army
Michelson Byron Gene USMC Vietnam
Joupperi Carl P. USMC L/Cpl Plano
Meyer Carol Ann Army
Saxe Carroll A. USAF Oswego
Anderson Charles Army Vietnam Plano
Friebele Charles Clinton USAF Oswego
McNelis Charles Daniel USAF Vietnam Yorkville
Riis Charles Edward, Jr. Army Vietnam Millington
Schiefer Charles H. Navy Plano
Thompson Charles James Army Vietnam; Bronze Star
Rapp Charles John Army Vietnam
Mead Charles R. Army Oswego
Frieders Charles W. Army Pfc Plano
Burns Charles W., Jr. Army Vietnam Yorkville
Smith Charles W., Jr. USAF Yorkville
Johnson Chris W. Navy Oswego
Beecher Clair Lee Army Vietnam
Cockream Clarence Eugene USAF Vietnam
Holdiman Clarence H. USMC Yorkville
Oleson Clifford A., Jr. Army Sgt Yorkville
Binder Clifford J. USAF Plano
Westphall Clifford Noel USCG DC 1/c Vietnam Yorkville
Spencer Colin Todd Navy Vietnam
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