Kendall County Residents Who Served in the Vietnam War

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Criteria for inclusion, active and honorable duty between August 5, 1964 and March 29, 1973 .

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50 Star U.S. Flag

Abbreviations used: Bronze Star, Br. Star; Combat Infantry Badge, C I Badge; Distinguished Service Cross, DSC; Killed in action, KIA;  Missing in action, MIA; Wounded in action, WIA; Vietnam Service Medal, Vietnam.
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SurnameGiven NameUnitRankRemarksResidence
SurnameGiven NameUnitRankRemarksResidence
Ragnes Andrew Philip Navy Lt Yorkville
Ramey Donald E. USAF Sgt Newark
Rapp Charles John Army Vietnam
Reeve Ronnie Lee USAF? Vietman Plano
Reeves Edward Allen Army Vietnam
Reeves Michael E. Army Oswego
Reibel Wayne Leon USMC Cpl Vietnam Yorkville
Reid Allen Dale USAF Vietnam
Reilly Dan Kevin Navy Yorkville
Reilly Michael Robert Army Boulder Hill
Reynolds John E., Jr. Army Pfc Oswego
Reynolds John Walter Navy Yorkville
Rhoads Herbert Kenneth, Jr. Navy Vietnam
Richardson Lawrence Conrad Navy Oswego
Riis Charles Edward, Jr. Army Vietnam Millington
Riis James Bernard Army Vietnam
Ringberg Robert Davis USMC Sgt Vietnam Oswego
Rissman Gerald Lee Army
Roberts William R. Army Plano
Robertson Terry Lee Army Vietnam Bristol
Roche Dennis Lynn USMC Plano
Rogers James David Army Plano
Rogers Ronald Jerry Army Vietnam Newark
Rohr Ronald J. Navy Oswego
Ronning Gerald Allen Army Sp. 4 Vietnam Plano
Ronning Virgil L. Navy Plano
Roth David R. Army Oswego
Runkle David Christopher Navy
Runkle Randall Jean Army Pfc Vietnam Yorkville
Rusher Robert L. USAF Sgt Vietnam Oswego
Rybowicz John W. USMC Plano
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