Kendall County Veterans Who Served In World War Two

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SurnameGiven NameService BranchRankResidenceRemarksChild Of
SurnameGiven NameService BranchRankResidenceRemarksChild Of
Baker Margaret "Jean" Army (ANC) 1st Lt Seward Murray
Clark Maynard Eugene Army 1st Lt Yorkville
Dannewitz Gerald Arthur AAF 1st Lt Plano DFC; B-17 Navigator Arthur F.
Ellis Shirley Army (ANC) 1st Lt Plattville
Finnestad Gerald Ray USMC 1st Lt Seward
Fox Burton K. Army 1st Lt Plattville Died of wounds Lorenzo R.
Gaard Mary Arlene Army (ANC) 1st Lt Bristol Nurse
Gramley William E., Jr. AAF 1st Lt Plano DFC; B-25 pilot William, Sr.
Grimwood David C. AAF 1st Lt Bristol DFC Harlan
Hart Mary J. (Whitfield) Army (ANC) 1st Lt Millbrook
Hayden John Kenneth AAF 1st Lt Bristol William E.
Hemm Kenneth William Army 1st Lt Bristol WIA; Purple Heart; CIB Laura
Hummel Julius M. "Joe" AAF 1st Lt Kendall POW Germany
Johns Howard C. Army 1st Lt Plano Ellis "Mike"
Johnson Arthur L. Army 1st Lt Plano WIA; Purple Heart; CIB
Knudson Russell Olyn Army 1st Lt Seward KIA George
Lucas John Army 1st Lt Plano Eli
Lupei Victor AAF 1st Lt Plano DFC; B-17 Pilot Stephen, Sr.
Matteson Grace I. Army (ANC) 1st Lt Newark
McCuen Ardelle Army (ANC) 1st Lt Plano
Ness Clarus J. Army (ANC) 1st Lt Newark Neoleon
Pierce Velma E. Army (ANC) 1st Lt Oswego Henry P.
Pinnow Donald R. USMC 1st Lt Oswego
Rabe Elton C. AAF 1st Lt Yorkville DFC Rudy H.
Roach Edna E. Army 1st Lt Plano M. B.
Schlapp Jewel "Dean" Army 1st Lt NaAuSay Julius C.
Sleezer Carol F. Army (ANC) 1st Lt Millbrook Flavius E.
VanOsdol Lyle R. Army 1st Lt Plano
Vogen Robert N. USMC 1st Lt Newark Peter
Vogen Rolph Edward USMC 1st Lt Newark Peter
Whitfield Mary Jane Army (ANC) 1st Lt Plano Albert
Young Glenn "DuWayne" AAF 1st Lt Plano DFC; B-24 Pilot Frank A.
Young John S. AAF 1st Lt Oswego Dwight
Cather Gerald L. Army 1st Sgt Oswego Harry
Clark Franklin W. Army 1st Sgt Oswego Bronze Star with V for valor Harry H.
Gottberg Albert Edward, Jr. Army 1st Sgt Plano Co. E Albert, Sr.
Grimwood Phillip Harlan Army 1st Sgt Bristol Harlan
Hackerson Orville L. Army 1st Sgt Lisbon
Heninger Wayne Logan Army 1st Sgt Newark Fenton C., Sr.
Selogie John AAF 1st Sgt Plano Louis A., Sr.
Voga Lester Army 1st Sgt Bristol Osmon, Sr.
Bretthauer Russell W. Army 1st/Sgt Kendall CIB; Philippine Islands William E.
Daulton George A. Army 1st/Sgt Plattville Earl
Wooley Forrest John Army 1st/Sgt Oswego Frank L.
Anderson Kenneth Martell AAF 2nd Lt Plano George E.
Benard William A. AAF 2nd Lt Plano Pilot
Burson Douglas Livingston Army 2nd Lt Plano Silver Star; Croix de Guarre; KIA Ger; CIB Leslie
Bushby John L. AAF 2nd Lt Seward Pilot
Daley Francis X., Jr. AAF 2nd Lt Plano B-17 Pilot Francis X., Sr.
Dobbs Virgil E. Army 2nd Lt Plano Battle Field Commission; KIA France Benjamin
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