Kendall County Veterans Who Served In World War Two

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SurnameGiven NameService BranchRankResidenceRemarksChild Of
SurnameGiven NameService BranchRankResidenceRemarksChild Of
Paddock Lauren Bruce AAF Plano H. E.
Paetz Lloyd E. Army T/Sgt Plano
Paetz Martin Charles Army Sgt Plano Fred
Page Gordon Wunder Navy Yorkville George W.
Page Margaret "Peggy" Army (WAC) Yorkville
Page Robert Lewis Navy AMM 2/c Yorkville
Palmer Donald Davis Navy S 2/c Oswego
Panikis Glen George USMC Sgt Oswego
Parkhurst Stuart A. Army Sgt Oswego Died of wounds Clare
Parrish George R. AAF WOJG Plano
Parrish Robert LeRoy Navy S 1/c Plano John D.
Parrish William B. Plano Mrs. M. Jordan
Parsons Lawrence Orville Army Oswego
Paska Robert "Bob" Army Cpl Plano WIA; Purple Heart; Germany
Patterson Dale C. AAF 2nd Lt Plano B-29 Pilot Joseph
Patton Dale Frederick Army Pvt Oswego
Patton Jewel M. Army (WAC) T/5 Oswego
Pauls Ambrose M. Army Aurora
Paulson Dewey (NMN given) Army Yorkville WW I & II
Paydon Joseph "Finley" Navy Lt Plainfield
Paydon William "Dean" Navy ART 1/c Plainfield
Peacock Wayne Irvin Army T/4 Seward
Pearson Walter Louis Army T/4 NaAuSay Edward
Pehlke Robert W. AAF Pvt Plano
Pekoc Arthur Stanley USMC Sgt Millington Stanley, Sr.
Pekoc John L. Army T/4 Millington Stanley, Sr.
Pekoc Stanley Frank, Jr. AAF Cpl Millington Stanley, Sr.
Penman Robert William Navy WT 1/c Kendall Thomas J.
Penman Thomas "Caywood" Army Pvt Kendall Thomas J.
Pennuto Lawrence Bernard Army T/4 Bristol Silver Star; WIA; Purple Heart Frank E.
Penny James Warren Navy S 1/c Yorkville
Perkins Norman Hilly Army Pfc Yorkville Hilly
Perkins Robert Wesley Army Pfc Bristol CIB Robert L.
Peshia Darlene Mae Army (WAC) T/5 Oswego
Peshia Harlan R. Navy (Seabee) EM 2/c Oswego Leslie
Peshia Lewis "Burton" Navy TR 1/c Oswego
Peshia Wilbur LeRoy AAF WO Oswego
Peters John Russell Navy EM 1/c Plano Etta
Peterson Alvin E. Army ? Seward Elias
Peterson Donald Army Pfc Newark Heiner D.
Peterson Eugene Gerald Army Pvt Newark Newt
Peterson Eugene Theron Navy EM 3/c Newark Lewell J. M.
Peterson Lawrence E. Army Pvt Newark Peter
Peterson Orville E. Army Sgt Seward George E.
Peterson Robert A. Navy S 1/c Newark
Peterson Russell Willard Army T/4 Sandwich Co. E. Peter
Peterson Walter Thomas AAF Captain Millbrook B-17 Pilot Albert E.
Peterson Warren Andrew Army Pfc Bristol
Peterson Willard L. Army S/Sgt Seward WIA; Purple Heart George
Pfund John W. Army Pfc Oswego
Browse this database by: Surname

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