Norwegian Marriage Records

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Compiled by Elmer Dickson and Owen Thompson.

Source Notes

Some of the records were compiled from microfilm copies of Kendall County marriages filmed by the Latter Day Saints Church. Some records were compied from official Kendall County Marriage Registers, Book A-1, Book 1 and Book 2, covering the period from May 1841 to September 1915. These Marriage Registers were viewed at the County Clerk & Recorder Office of Kendall County in Yorkville, IL. 

Marriage Register Book A-1 included the name of the groom, the name of the bride, date of license and license number, and generally the date of marriage. It also included the person by whom they were certified (minister, judge, Justice Of The Peace, etc.) and when the marriage certificate was returned to the County Clerk's office. The date the certificate was issued was always given but in some cases the date of marriage was not provided. In these cases, the date the license was issued was used as the date of marriage. These cases are indicated by an asterisk (*) after the date. Notations in the index of Marriage Register Book A-1 indicate that some of the original marriage certificates are missing even though the marriage is registered.

Marriage Registers Books 1 and 2, included space for a considerably larger amount of relevant information. The following information was supplied: the number of the license; the date of license; by whom affidavit, if any, was given; by whom consent to the marriage was given; where and when the marriage took place; a list of the witnesses; by whom the marriage was certified with their name and office (a minister, judge, Justice Of The Peace, etc.); the date the marriage license was returned to the county clerk's office; and the date the license was registered in the county clerk's office.
The following questions relating to the groom were asked: the full name of the groom; the groom's place of residence; the groom's occupation; the groom's age on his next birthday; the groom's race or color; the groom's place of birth; the groom's father's name; the groom's mother's name; and the number of the groom's marriage. The following questions relating to the bride were asked: the full name of the bride; the bride's maiden name if a widow; the bride's place of residence; the bride's age on her next birthday; the bride's race or color; the bride's place of birth; the bride's father's name; the bride's mother's name; and the number of the bride's marriage.

Unfortunately, many spaces in Marriage Registers, Books 1 and 2 were left blank and unanswered. The date a marriage certificate was issued was typically given. In some cases, the date of marriage was not provided. In these cases the date the license was returned or recorded, was used as the date of marriage, as the actual date is unknown.

Marriage records have been extended from the ending date in the official Marriage Registers of September 1915 until December 31, 1949. These marriage records were acquired from several sources. Early issues of the Kendall County Record and the Kendall County News read, and when a writeup of a marriage was found the information was added to the marriage record database. These entries are indicated by the Source code "Newspaper."

During some of the period between September, 1915 and December, 1949 a weekly list of the marriage licenses issued, was published in the local newspapers. These entries are indicated by the Source code "License." The dates indicated generally a short period before the actual wedding date.

A final significant source of marriage data was found in Lutheran Church records coded as follows:

Church NameLocationSource Codes
Bethlehem Lutheran Morris, Grundy Co., IL BLCRBap = Baptism
BLCRCon = Confirmation
BLCRFun = Funeral
BLCRMar = Marriage
BLCRMem = Membership
Fox River Lutheran Miller Twp, La Salle Co., IL FRCRBap = Baptism
FRCRCon = Confirmation
FRCRFun = Funeral
FRCRMar = Marriage
FRCRMem = Membership
Grace Lutheran Saratoga Twp, Grundy Co., IL GLCRBap = Baptism
GLCRCon = Confirmation
GLCRFun = Funeral
GLCRMar = Marriage
GLCRMem = Membership
Newark Lutheran Newark, Kendall Co, IL NLCRBap = Baptism
NLCRCon = Confirmation
NLCRFun = Funeral
NLCRMar = Marriage
NLCRMem = Membership
Norway Lutheran Miller Twp, La Salle Co., IL NOCRBap = Baptism
NOCRCon = Confirmation
NOCRFun = Funeral
NOCRMar = Marriage
NOCRMem = Membership
Plattville Lutheran Seward Twp, Kendall Co, IL. PLCRBap = Baptism
PLCRCon = Confirmation
PLCRFun = Funeral
PLCRMar = Marriage
PLCRMem = Membership
Saint John's Lutheran Plano, Kendall Co., IL SJCRBap = Baptism
SJCRCon = Confirmation
SJCRFun = Funeral
SJCRMar = Marriage
SJCRMem = Membership
Scandinavian Lutheran Plano, Kendall Co., IL SLCRBap = Baptism
SLCRCon = Confirmation
SLCRFun = Funeral
SLCRMar = Marriage
SLCRMem = Membership
Trinity Lutheran Millbrook, Kendall Co., IL TLCRBap = Baptism
TLCRCon = Confirmation
TLCRFun = Funeral
TLCRMar = Marriage
TLCRMem = Membership
West Lisbon Lutheran Lisbon Twp, Kendall Co., IL WLCRBap = Baptism
WLCRCon = Confirmation
WLCRFun = Funeral
WLCRMar = Marriage
WLCRMem = Membership
For example: BLCRCon equals Bethlemhem Lutheran Church Confirmation records    
For example: NLCRFun equals Newark Lutheran Church Funeral records    
There are two exceptions to these rules.    
1. Some of the Fox River Lutheran and West Lisbon Lutheran marriage records were combined.   FRWLMar = Marriage
2. The Fox River Lutheran Church Historian compiled some baptism records.   FRHiBap = Baptism

Please see the Church Directory page for contact information for the above churches, if they still exist.

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