Norwegian Church Funeral Records

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Compiled by Elmer Dickson and Owen Thompson.

Codes Used

Church NameLocationSource Codes
Bethlehem Lutheran Morris, Grundy Co., IL BLCRBap = Baptism
BLCRCon = Confirmation
BLCRFun = Funeral
BLCRMar = Marriage
BLCRMem = Membership
Fox River Lutheran Miller Twp, La Salle Co., IL FRCRBap = Baptism
FRCRCon = Confirmation
FRCRFun = Funeral
FRCRMar = Marriage
FRCRMem = Membership
Grace Lutheran Saratoga Twp, Grundy Co., IL GLCRBap = Baptism
GLCRCon = Confirmation
GLCRFun = Funeral
GLCRMar = Marriage
GLCRMem = Membership
Newark Lutheran Newark, Kendalll Co, IL NLCRBap = Baptism
NLCRCon = Confirmation
NLCRFun = Funeral
NLCRMar = Marriage
NLCRMem = Membership
Norway Lutheran Miller Twp, La Salle Co., IL NOCRBap = Baptism
NOCRCon = Confirmation
NOCRFun = Funeral
NOCRMar = Marriage
NOCRMem = Membership
Plattville Lutheran Seward Twp, Kendall Co, IL. PLCRBap = Baptism
PLCRCon = Confirmation
PLCRFun = Funeral
PLCRMar = Marriage
PLCRMem = Membership
Saint John's Lutheran Plano, Kendall Co., IL SJCRBap = Baptism
SJCRCon = Confirmation
SJCRFun = Funeral
SJCRMar = Marriage
SJCRMem = Membership
Scandinavian Lutheran Plano, Kendall Co., IL SLCRBap = Baptism
SLCRCon = Confirmation
SLCRFun = Funeral
SLCRMar = Marriage
SLCRMem = Membership
Trinity Lutheran Millbrook, Kendall Co., IL TLCRBap = Baptism
TLCRCon = Confirmation
TLCRFun = Funeral
TLCRMar = Marriage
TLCRMem = Membership
West Lisbon Lutheran Lisbon Twp, Kendall Co., IL WLCRBap = Baptism
WLCRCon = Confirmation
WLCRFun = Funeral
WLCRMar = Marriage
WLCRMem = Membership
For example: BLCRCon equals Bethlemhem Lutheran Church Confirmation records
For example: NLCRFun equals Newark Lutheran Church Funeral records
There are two exceptions to these rules.
1. Some of the Fox River Lutheran and West Lisbon Lutheran marriage records were combined. FRWLMar = Marriage
2. The Fox River Lutheran Church Historian compiled some baptism records. FRHiBap = Baptism

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    Birth    PlaceDea.    Place    Cem
SurnameGiven NameMoDyYrBornMoDyYrDiedAgeCodeCode
    Birth    PlaceDea.    Place    Cem
SurnameGiven NameMoDyYrBornMoDyYrDiedAgeCodeCode
Udstuen Fred A. [Faltin A.] Mar 19 1874 Etne, Norway Aug 24 1959 Morris, IL BLCRFun ST
Udstuen Martha [Marta] (Peterson)(Mrs. Fred A.) Jun 24 1876 Skaanevik, Nor. Sep 15 1969 Morris, IL BLCRFun ST
Udstuen Oscar S. (s. Fred A. & Martha) Dec 24 1900 Lisbon, IL Jan 10 1970 Morris, IL BLCRFun EG
Ugland infant nds Newark, IL Apr 26 1896 Newark, IL NOCRFun unk
Ugland? Siri Secilia abt 1842 Feb 4 1890 48 FRCRFun unk
Ulness Kristine Nilsdatter (Foshamgen)(Mrs. Erik O.) Apr 11 1843 Fogn, Norway Feb 25 1926 Newark, IL 82 NLCRFun MN
Unknown Floyd Earl (0-3-?) 1900 Sep 25 1900 0-3-? WLCRFun unk
Unknown Michael Olsen's maid nds Mar 6 1890 WLCRFun unk
Unland Harold M. Sep 28 1910 Illinois Feb 19 1974 BLCRFun WG
Unnamed Twaite Et Drengebarn (the hired man's child) nds Illinois Nov 7 1896 FRCRFun unk
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