Bristol/Yorkville Congregational Church Membership 1836-1935

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Terms used in compiling a list of membership are, Mar. = Marriage; Dis. = Letter of Dismission; M. C. = Membership ceased; Letter; Profess; and Dropped.

The term Letter indicates membership was gained by virtue of previous membership in another church. The prospective member carried with them a letter signifying their good standing in the church they left.

A Letter of Dismission was a letter asking the church to dismiss the member and certify they were in good standing. Letters of Dismission were requests that the member's name be removed from the membership roll. They were not letters of dismissal because the church expelled them.

In addition to carrying a letter from another church, prospective members could gain admission by professing their faith and allegiance to the church and its doctrine. The term Profess was used to indicate membership was attained in this manner.

The term Dropped is synonymous with being expelled or removed.

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Meek A. E., Mrs. S. W. Nov 7 1897 Letter Letter from Plymouth Congregational Peoria, IL
Haigh A. I., Mrs. William M. Nov 14 1886 Letter Died Sep 12 1909
Broune A. L. Apr 16 1919 Profess Died Jul 27 1920
Godard Aaron Mar 10 1838 Letter Died Jun 16 1847
Jordan Abbie L., Mrs. 1883 Profess Dis. by letter to Plano; mar. James W. Keeler
Pollock Abigail S. (Mrs. Dyer) Mar 7 1852 Letter From Falmouth, ME; dis. Feb 4, 1865; mar. William Pollock Jun 22 1875
Dyer Abigail S., Mrs. Charles H. Mar 7 1852 Letter Letter from Falmouth, ME; dis. Feb 4, 1865 Jun 22 1975
Howe Abraham Mar 16 1845 Letter Dis to go east
Haigh Ada J., Mrs. J. G. Feb 21 1895 Letter Letter from Winona, MN
Bennett Addie F. 1879 Letter Dis. Jan 6 1900
Boston Addie M. (Woods) Apr 5 1896 Profess Baptized; mar. William T. Boston Jun 2 1930
Sherman Adelaide 1883 Profess Dropped Jan 1901
Eldred Adelia "Delia" (Palmer) Apr 5 1896 Profess Formerly baptized; died; mar. Charles Eldred Jan 17 1909
Ohse Adelphis G. (Durston) 1898 Profess Dis. to Methodist Church Yorkville, IL; Mrs. George
Holmes Agnes 1879 Letter Dis.
Fitzsimmons Agnes (McGill) Mrs. William Aug 2 1891 Letter From Plainfield, IL; Dis. Nov 1904 to NaAuSay Dec 26 1943
Hollenback Agnes (McMurtrie) 1884 Profess Dropped Dec 1903
Kugler Agnes Eliza (Billmire) Jul 30 1912 Profess Died; mar. Irus Eugene Kugler, Sr. Aug 25 1950
King Alanson Jun 2 1838 Letter Dis. Apr 27, 1844 to Aurora, IL
Arlagson Albert J. Nov 7 1897 Profess Dis. to Aurora, IL Sep 21 1926
Thurber Alberta Feb 12 1893 Profess Baptized; dropped
Fullerton Alexander Oct 13 1866 Letter Letter from U. P. Ch. Somonauk, IL
Willett Alexander May 2 1847 Profess Went to California in 1850
Moore Alfred 1931 Profess
Barron Alfred N. Oct 5 1930 Letter
Barron Alfred N., Mrs. Oct 5 1930 Letter
Tarbox Algernon S. "Algie" 1884 Profess Died Nov 9 1952
Boston Alice L. Feb 26 1905 Profess Died Feb 5 1973
Young Alice Maud (Davenport) 1898 Profess Died; mar. Charles H. Young Apr 17 1941
Dunger Alice May (Tarbox) Feb 7 1915 Profess Dis. Apr 27, 1935 to Aurora, mar. Carl W. Dunger Dec 25 1992
Swartout Almeron Apr 5 1862 Profess Baptized; mar. Nancy Jane Lowry
Wellman Almira, Mrs. Apr 5 1862 Profess
Beecher Alva A. Apr 16 1919 Profess Died Jul 26 1972
Hill Alvah Lane 1898 Profess Dis. to Sycamore, IL; died
Learned Ann E., Mrs. Nov 3 1844
Brydon Anna 1883 Profess Mar. (?) Watkins; dis. to Atmore, Alberta
Blanton Anna (Knaack)(Mrs. James E.) Dec 13 1920 Died Mar 13 1947
Cook Anna Eliza, Miss Feb 7 1869 Profess
Henry Anna S., Mrs. Feb 26 1905 Letter From 1st Cong. Chicago; dis.G378 to Florida Apr 1920
Laird Anna V., Mrs. Thomas Jul 2 1896 Letter Dis. by letter to Iowa
Graham Anna, Miss Feb 9 1861 Profess Dis. May 8, 1861 to Oswego, IL
Williams Anna, Mrs. Aug 4 1867 Letter
Lowry Anne E. Nov 3 1844 Profess Dis. Jan 3, 1852 to Chicago; mar. (?) Learned
Howe Annette, Miss Jun 1868 Profess
King Apollos Jun 2 1838 Letter Dis. Apr 27, 1844 to Aurora, IL
Paulsen Arthur 1927 At Chicago, IL
Barnes Arthur H. Apr 5 1868 Profess Mar. Lizzie Raymond
Boutwell Augustus Oct 4 1851 Letter Letter from Seceders? Ch. N. Argyle, NY Mar 22 1875
Coleman Augustus F. May 15 1862 Profess
Lippold B. C., Mrs. L. R. 1902 Letter Dis. Apr 1920
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