Bristol/Yorkville Congregational Church Membership 1836-1935

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Terms used in compiling a list of membership are, Mar. = Marriage; Dis. = Letter of Dismission; M. C. = Membership ceased; Letter; Profess; and Dropped.

The term Letter indicates membership was gained by virtue of previous membership in another church. The prospective member carried with them a letter signifying their good standing in the church they left.

A Letter of Dismission was a letter asking the church to dismiss the member and certify they were in good standing. Letters of Dismission were requests that the member's name be removed from the membership roll. They were not letters of dismissal because the church expelled them.

In addition to carrying a letter from another church, prospective members could gain admission by professing their faith and allegiance to the church and its doctrine. The term Profess was used to indicate membership was attained in this manner.

The term Dropped is synonymous with being expelled or removed.

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SurnameGiven NameMoDyYrCodeRemarksMoDyYr  
Marble Minnie Apr 1 1888 Profess Baptized Aug 11 1895
McClelland Margaret (Stevenson) 1883 Letter Died Jun 19 1887
McClelland Robert Alexander, Dr. 1883 Profess Died Nov 29 1918
McCorkindale Thomas 1904 Profess Dropped
McCulloch Robert Feb 1 1889 Profess Dis. Apr 11, 1895 to Plano, IL
McCulloch Robert, Mrs. Feb 1 1889 Letter Dis. Apr 11, 1895 to Plano, IL
McElroy Edna (Young) 1898 Profess Dis. to Presbyterian Ch. Aurora, IL
McMurtrie Esther "Ettie", Miss Apr 5 1868 Profess Baptized; mar. Willard A. Thurber Feb 18 1929
McMurtrie Hannah (Barron) Apr 4 1858 Profess Dropped; died; mar. Robert McMurtrie May 17 1892
McMurtrie James Feb 6 1898 Letter Letter from 1st Congregational Plainfield, IL Apr 20 1904
McMurtrie Janette (Murray) James, Sr. Oct 13 1866 Letter Letter from Evangelical Union Ch. Scotland Aug 18 1878
McMurtrie Jennie (McWhirter) Mrs. James Feb 6 1898 Letter Letter from 1st Congregational Plainfield, IL Sep 2 1940
McMurtrie Jennie, Miss Jun 7 1868 Profess Mar. (1) George A. Godard; (2) James A. Godard Apr 15 1938
McMurtrie Jessie (McKenzie) Jun 7 1868 Profess Insane at Elgin Asylum; mar. Thomas McMurtrie Sep 1 1905
McMurtrie Margaret, Miss Apr 5 1868 Profess Baptized
McMurtrie Nellie 1900 Profess
McMurtrie Robert Apr 4 1858 Profess Dropped Mar 13 1895
McMurtrie Thomas Apr 5 1868 Profess Dropped Dec 28, 1888 Dec 1 1890
Meek A. E., Mrs. S. W. Nov 7 1897 Letter Letter from Plymouth Congregational Peoria, IL
Meek S. W., Rev. Nov 7 1897 Letter Letter from Plymouth Congregational Peoria, IL
Merkley Mathilde/Matilda 1879 Profess Dis.; mar. Charles F. Siebert Aug 3 1905
Merrell Henry H., Dr. 1935 Letter Died 1946
Merrell Henry H., Mrs. 1935 Letter Died Feb 22 1938
Merrill Clifford C. 1927 Dropped
Merrill Clifford C., Mrs. 1927 Dropped
Merrill Robert 1927
Metcalf Lois A. 1879 Letter Dis. Oct 27, 1910 by letter to Dundee, IL Apr 28 1927
Meyers Elizabeth, Mrs. 1927 Dis. to Plano, IL
Mikula Iris 1927 Dropped
Mikula Marie 1927 Dropped
Miller Hazel E. 1933 Profess
Miller Walter P. Oct 5 1930 Letter
Miller Walter P., Mrs. Oct 5 1930 Letter
Mills Martha, Miss May 2 1847 ng Dis. May 7, 1848 to Bristol Baptist Church
Moon Charles E., Mrs. Jul 27 1890 Letter From Oswego, IL; dis. 1903 to Champaign, IL
Moore Alfred 1931 Profess
Moore John 1924
Moore Joseph K. Nov 12 1896 Profess Dis. by letter in 1903 to Champaign, IL
Morse Bertha, Mrs. Apr 1918 Profess Died Jan 3 1925
Muhr Marie (Nading) May 5 1912 Profess Dis. to Reading, PA
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