Bristol/Yorkville Congregational Church Membership 1836-1935

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Terms used in compiling a list of membership are, Mar. = Marriage; Dis. = Letter of Dismission; M. C. = Membership ceased; Letter; Profess; and Dropped.

The term Letter indicates membership was gained by virtue of previous membership in another church. The prospective member carried with them a letter signifying their good standing in the church they left.

A Letter of Dismission was a letter asking the church to dismiss the member and certify they were in good standing. Letters of Dismission were requests that the member's name be removed from the membership roll. They were not letters of dismissal because the church expelled them.

In addition to carrying a letter from another church, prospective members could gain admission by professing their faith and allegiance to the church and its doctrine. The term Profess was used to indicate membership was attained in this manner.

The term Dropped is synonymous with being expelled or removed.

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SurnameGiven NameMoDyYrCodeRemarksMoDyYr  
Habermeyer George C. 1928 Died Jun 15 1947
Habermeyer Iva Esther (Mercer) 1928 Died; mar. George C. Habermeyer Mar 7 1949
Haigh A. I., Mrs. William M. Nov 14 1886 Letter Died Sep 12 1909
Haigh Ada J., Mrs. J. G. Feb 21 1895 Letter Letter from Winona, MN
Haigh J. G., Rev. Feb 21 1895 Letter Letter from Milburn, SD
Haigh William M., Rev. Nov 14 1886 Letter Died Jan 1 1898
Hall Fay (Skinner) Mrs. Edwin D. Feb 12 1893 Profess Baptized Jul 18 1943
Hall Frank 1933 Letter
Hall Frank, Mrs. 1933 Letter
Hall Lovie M. (Crall) 1927 Died; mar. Sherman Hall Sep 17 1989
Hall Mary "Sophronia" (Childs) Nov 3 1844 Profess Mar. Linus F. Hall at Bristol Station, IL Apr 14 1898
Hall Sherman E. 1927 Died Jul 27 1952
Hallock Elizabeth M., Mrs. May 4 1890 Letter From Congregational Ch. Sandwich, IL; died 1925
Hamilton Charlotte, Miss Apr 14 1859 Profess Baptized; mar. Anson A. Perkins Oct 20, 1859
Harris Clara Etta (Tarbox) Apr 1 1888 Profess Baptized; mar. Norton B. Harris Aug 21 1945
Hays Frances A. 1883 Letter Scotts Bluff Co, NE; mar. William R. Akers
Hays Mary L. 1883 Letter Dis.
Healy Eleanor J. (Wylie) Apr 5 1896 Profess Dis. Apr 30, 1923 to Sugar Gr.; mar. George B.
Healy George B. 1898 Profess Dis. Apr 30, 1925 to Sugar Grove, IL
Healy Louisa (Charles) Oct 15 1878 Died; mar. William "Henry" Healy, Sr. Mar 15 1891
Healy Minnie Nov 1900 Profess Dis. Jul 1922 to Sugar Grove, IL
Healy William "Henry" 1879 Profess Died Jun 1 1895
Hemenover Lydia Nov 10 1895 Profess Dis. Oct 8, 1896 by letter to Aurora, IL
Henry Anna S., Mrs. Feb 26 1905 Letter From 1st Cong. Chicago; dis.G378 to Florida Apr 1920
Hill Alvah Lane 1898 Profess Dis. to Sycamore, IL; died
Hill Frederick G. 1898 Profess Died Oct 29 1937
Hill Kittie E. (Lane) Oct 15 1878 Died; mar. Frederick G. Hill Aug 11 1934
Hoadley Helen Apr 2 1915 Died Jun 18 1992
Hoadley Mary Etta (Sinclair) May 3 1908 Letter Dis. Nov 1939 to New Jersey; mar. Roy F. 1971
Hollenback Agnes (McMurtrie) 1884 Profess Dropped Dec 1903
Holmes Agnes 1879 Letter Dis.
Holp Cora, Mrs. Lincoln A. 1920 Dis. Apr 8, 1923 to Thawville, IL
Holp Lincoln A., Rev. 1920 Dis. Apr 8, 1923 to Thawville, IL
Houghton Lanie, Mrs. Apr 6 1863 Letter Dis. Sep 3, 1865
Houghton Nehemiah Apr 6 1863 Letter Dis.
Hovey Mary Almira, Miss Feb 7 1869 Profess Dec 9 1926
Hovey Reliance (Mrs. Daniel) Apr 4 1858 Profess Jun 14 1895
Howard Sarah B., Mrs. Apr 7 1850 Profess Dis. Sep 15, 1867 to Earlville, IL
Howe Abraham Mar 16 1845 Letter Dis to go east
Howe Annette, Miss Jun 1868 Profess
Hoyt Betsey Jan 6 1849 Profess Died; mar. (1) Rufus Wheat (2) Lucius W. Page Oct 2 1887
Hoyt David V. [David Vincent] Feb 28 1846 Letter From Shelby, NY; dis Feb 26, 1864 to Ottawa, IL
Hoyt John, Dea. (b. abt 1779) Feb 28 1846 Letter Letter from Shelby, NY; died bur. EW unmarked Oct 24 1862
Hoyt Lucinda (Conway)(Mrs. David V.) Feb 28 1846 Letter From Shelby, NY; dis Feb 26, 1864 to Ottawa, IL
Hubbard Hope, Mrs. Warren Jun 2 1838 Letter Dis. Jul 13, 1846 to Oswego, IL
Hubbard Jane (Beardsley) Jan 6 1849 Letter From Griggsville; dis. Jun 7, 1850; mar. Geo. B. Hubbard
Hubbard Susan Apr 4 1858 Profess Dis. May 2, 1858 to Plano, IL
Hubbard Warren Jun 2 1838 Letter Baptised by immersion
Hubbell Fay (Skinner) Mrs. John Feb 12 1893 Profess Baptized Jul 18 1943
Hubbell Rae May 1901 Profess Dropped
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