Members of the Bristol/Yorkville Baptist Church

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Terms used in compiling a list of membership are, Mar. = Marriage; Dis. = Letter of Dismission; M. C. = Membership ceased; Letter; Profess; and Dropped.

The term Letter indicates membership was gained by virtue of previous membership in another church. The prospective member carried with them a letter signifying their good standing in the church they left.

A Letter of Dismission was a letter asking the church to dismiss the member and certify they were in good standing. Letters of Dismission were requests that the member's name be removed from the membership roll. They were not letters of dismissal because the church expelled them.

In addition to carrying a letter from another church, prospective members could gain admission by professing their faith and allegiance to the church and its doctrine. The term Profess was used to indicate membership was attained in this manner.

The term Dropped is synonymous with being expelled or removed.

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SurnameGiven NameMoDyYrCodeRemarksMoDyYr
    Joined    Dispos.  Died    
SurnameGiven NameMoDyYrCodeRemarksMoDyYr
Hopper Robert S. Jan 1 1876 Letter Oct 14 1898
Houck Bernice Baptism
Howard Delana, Mrs. Solomon Feb 3 1872 Letter Aug 24 1881
Howard Hattie M. (Almy) Mrs. Charles S. Nov 17 1898 Baptism
Howard Helen L. "Ellen" (d. Solomon & Delana) Apr 4 1858 Baptism Jun 6 1884
Howard James F. Baptism Feb 26 1864
Howard Lymon
Howard Philinda [Philena] (Morgan?)(Mrs. Thomas)
Howard Roanna Letter
Howe Mary, Mrs. Feb 22 1885 Letter Dis. Apr 3, 1886 to Hiawatha, KS
Howe William Feb 22 1885 Letter Dis. Apr 3, 1886 to Hiawatha, KS
Hoye John T., Rev. Jul 1 1882 Letter Dis. Mar 15, 1883 to Calvary Bap. K.City, MO
Hoye Lucy D., Mrs. John T. Jul 1 1882 Letter Dis. Mar 15, 1883 to Calvary Bap. K.City, MO
Hudson Elizabeth H. (d. Henry S. & Hannah E.) Jun 4 1874 Baptism M.C. Jan 2, 1886; neglect of church covenant
Humiston Phidelia M. (Strail) Mrs. Samuel D. Feb 7 1875 Letter Oct 12 1900
Humiston Samuel D. Jan 1 1876 Letter Aug 12 1894
Irvine Gordon Feb 7 1895 Baptism Dis. To Vermilion, SD
Irvine W. "Franklin", Rev. Sep 3 1891 Letter Dis. Jul 1, 1897 to Hyde Park Bapt. Ch.
Irvine W. "Franklin", Rev., Mrs. 1892 Dis. To Vermilion, SD
Ives Almon
Ives Enos J.
Ives Franklin B. Mar. Frances M. Luce
Ives Martha P.
Ives Nancy
Ives Ruth A.
Ives Sarah M. Mar. Albert S. Tooker
Ives Simon P.
Ives Susan
Jacobson Mary (Wood)
Jenkins Celista
Jeter Rae (Harris) Mrs. Oscar H. Feb 1919 Letter Aug 26 1963
Jobes Lewis Excluded Dec 9, 1848 Jan 16 1852
Jobes Rebecca, Mrs. Lewis Jul 20 1882
Johnson Abigail (2nd Mrs.David,Sr.)(Previously married ? Clark) Excluded Dec 9, 1848 Oct 29 1850
Johnson David (David, Jr. s/o David, Sr. & Nelly) Excluded Oct 14, 1848
Johnson David, Sr. "Deacon" Oct ng 1855
Johnson George W. (s. David, Sr. & Nelly) Nov 9 1851
Johnson Harriet Letter Dis. Apr 3, 1849
Johnson Hollis Excluded Sep 15, 1849
Johnson Laura Ann (d/o David, Jr. & Sylvia B.) Mar. Gideon Kennedy Feb 12 1864
Johnson Polly Excluded Sep 9, 1848
Johnson Sylvia (Sylvia B. (Craw)(Mrs. David, Jr.) Dis. Apr 10, 1853
Jones Ina (Harris) Aug 23 1914 Profess Dis. Jan 12 1919 by letter
Jones J. R. S., Mrs. Feb 19 1893 Baptism Dis. Oct 4, 1894 to Batavia, IL Feb 18 1910
Jones N. A., Mrs. Jan 6 1884 Baptism Dis. Aug 3, 1884 to Sandwich, IL
Jones Nellie, Mrs. J. R. S. Feb 19 1893 Baptism Dis. Oct 4, 1894 to Batavia, IL
Jones Oscar Feb 3 1884 Baptism Dis. Aug 3, 1884; neglect ch. Covenant
Kellett Della M. (Sherman) Mrs. Edwin D. Feb 1919 Letter 1956
Kendall Carrie (Ackley)
Kennedy Amy Jan 3 1895 Baptism
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