Members of the Bristol/Yorkville Baptist Church

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Terms used in compiling a list of membership are, Mar. = Marriage; Dis. = Letter of Dismission; M. C. = Membership ceased; Letter; Profess; and Dropped.

The term Letter indicates membership was gained by virtue of previous membership in another church. The prospective member carried with them a letter signifying their good standing in the church they left.

A Letter of Dismission was a letter asking the church to dismiss the member and certify they were in good standing. Letters of Dismission were requests that the member's name be removed from the membership roll. They were not letters of dismissal because the church expelled them.

In addition to carrying a letter from another church, prospective members could gain admission by professing their faith and allegiance to the church and its doctrine. The term Profess was used to indicate membership was attained in this manner.

The term Dropped is synonymous with being expelled or removed.

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SurnameGiven NameMoDyYrCodeRemarksMoDyYr
Palmer Edmund Mar 18 1883 Baptism M.C. neglect of church covenant
Parker Frank L. (s. John & S. Lucinda) Feb 3 1884 Baptism M.C. neglect of church covenant Dec 14 1894
Parker Garfield Nov 17 1898 Baptism
Parker John "Jack" Jan 6 1877 Baptism Jun 2 1901
Parker S. Lucinda (Aldrich) Mrs. John Nov 12 1875 Baptism M.C. Dec 1, 1901 neglect of church covenant
Parkhurst Nahum Amos Dis. By letter Jan 2 1875
Parkhurst Perlina Dis. Jun 11, 1849
Parkhurst Phidelia, Mrs. Joel Dis. Jun 11, 1849
Parks Jennie L., Miss Dec 27 1885 Baptism Dis. To Shell City, MO; mar. John Moore, Jr.
Parsons Cordelia (Faxon) Mrs. Seth Excluded+G398
Parsons Seth Excluded
Payette Charity
Payette Elizabeth
Payette Sarah
Payette Sarilda
Payette William
Pearson Anna B. Feb 3 1883 Baptism M.C. Dec 5, 1885; residence unknown
Perkins Clara B. (Shaw) Mrs. Edwin S. Mar 12 1885 Baptism Dis. Sep 29, 1893 to Newark, IL Feb 6 1952
Peterson Joseph M. Dec 1 1941
Peterson Maria Letter
Peutt? Anan Dis. Dec 6, 1851
Pierce Callie A. (Ament) Mrs. Guy H. Apr 19 1982
Plank Eva, Miss Dec 20 1900 Baptism
Pliter Cerilda J., Mrs. Dec 4 1891 Letter From Toulon, IL; Dis. Sep 15, 1892 to Lockport
Poesy Rebecca
Powell Mary (Austin) Mrs. H. W. Jun 14 1874 Baptism Dis. Dec 5, 1882 Lowell, MI
Pratt Edward A. Baptism
Pratt Sophia, Mrs. Edward A. Baptism
Price Hazel Mae (Harnley) Mrs. J. Edward Feb 6 1959
Price J. Edward (s. M. E. & P. I.) Dec 13 1975
Price Lois Apr 15 1927 Baptism
Price Roy Apr 15 1927 Baptism
Prine Chester S. Excluded Apr 8, 1848
Prine Helen (Sanders) Mrs. C. S. Excluded Apr 8, 1848
Propp Eliza Amelia (Driscoll) Mrs. Geo. F. Dec 13 1885 Baptism Oct 22 1900
Propp George Frederick Feb 3 1872 Letter Mar 16 1900
Propp Mary Ann Emily, Miss Mar 3 1889 Baptism Dis. to another church; mar. N. P. Anderson
Putney Cornelia (Boomer) Mrs. Dr. W. G. Dec 29 1892 Letter From Annawan, IL; Dis. To Lincoln, NE
Putney James Feb 19 1893 Baptism Dis. To Ottawa, IL
Putney Lucy, Miss Feb 19 1893 Baptism Dis. Oct 20, 1902 to Champaign, IL
Putney Nellie, Miss Feb 19 1893 Baptism Dis. Sep 4, 1903 to Lincoln, NE
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