Background Information on Bristol Station, Illinois

Edited and compiled by Elmer Dickson

Bristol Station was an unincorporated populated place in sections 15 and 16, Bristol Township. In 1840, Reuben Whitney Hunt, a Connecticut lawyer, came to Kendall County. Reuben built a house and lived on the farmland that eventually became Bristol Station. When the railroad came through the area, Reuben laid out the village. However, Reuben's cousin and brother-in-law, Charles Hunt, was the money man and actually held title to the site. A plat was filed December 11, 1854 with Charles Hunt's name on the plat. The plat indicated the name of the place was to be Huntsville or Bristol Center. The village became known as Huntsville and Bristol Center was never used as a place name. The name was changed to Bristol Station when the railroad built a station there. When the village of Bristol merged with the village of Yorkville in 1957, Bristol Station's name was changed to Bristol.Elmer Dickson

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