The Old Settlers' Picnic 7-7-1897

The Old Settlers Will Picnic Thursday, August 5, 1897 in Yorkville.

The Pioneers of Kendall County and Their Descendants and Friends Have an Outing on That Day. Addresses by Reverend William Halford Pierce.
An Old Time Choir Will Sing. The Band will Play and Brief Talks Will be made by Old Friends.
Originally Published in the Kendall County Record, July 7, 1897.
Edited and Compiled by Elmer Dickson.

After the Fourth comes the Old Settlers who will hold their annual gathering on the Fair Grounds at Yorkville, August 5th and you are expected to get ready for this pleasant social affair.

It will not be a day of games and excitement, but a quiet social basket picnic with an interesting program in front of the amphitheatre in the afternoon. It is hoped all who can will make their appearance on the grounds in the forenoon and enjoy their dinner there and to be able to have a pleasant visit with old friends and talk over the days when Kendall County was mostly virgin prairie. There will be every convenience on the grounds for you.

The program is partly arranged. The meeting will open with a congratulating talk and welcome by Supervisor Harlan Barnes of Bristol, who has spent nearly all his life in this township. Captain Frank M. Hobbs will have charge of the singers and give you some fine vocal music. Reverend William H. Pierce, pastor of the Methodist Church at Plano, will talk to the people of what we have done and what we must do, or topics to that effect. Brother Pierce is one of the most interesting speakers in Northern Illinois. He is eloquent, patriotic, incisive and never dry. If you don't all like Brother Pierce you can have your money back, and you need never take the Record man's word for any good thing hereafter.

At the last meeting of the society a Vice-President was elected from each township whose duty is to urge their friends to attend this picnic, to aid in receiving them on the grounds, and to look a little after the collection to pay the necessary expenses. These gentlemen are:

Ralph Heap, Seward.

Myron A. Skinner, Lisbon.

Thomas J. Phillips, Big Grove.

Matthew Budd, Fox.

Robert G. Leitch, Kendall.

Edmund S. Seely, NaAuSay.

Myron L. Wormley, Oswego.         

Aaron M. Boomer, Bristol.

G. Denslow Henning, Little Rock.

On these gentlemen rest much of the responsibility of a successful meeting, for they are chosen to assist the Secretary, Mr. J. Arthur Gale, and the President, John R. Marshall. It is hoped this year's gathering will be more interesting than that of last year, and that was a good one.

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