Wier Sjurson Weeks

Another Pioneer Gone

 Originally published in the Kendall County Record, Feb 14, 1900.

 Transcribed by Jane Willey-Fey


The funeral of Wier Weeks took place from the Helmar church Tuesday, Feb. 6th. During divine service the church was filled by the many sympathizing friends and neighbors of the deceased. Rev. N. G. Peterson officiated. He delivered an impressive address from the pulpit, an address suited to both old and young. He comforted all with the thought that their old neighbor, after a long workday, was gone home to his God. At the grave, on the behalf of the sorrowing, he thanked all that so kindly participated in this last sad tribute of respect.

Wier Sjurson Weeks was born Oct. 24, 1812, at Mathre, parish of Skaanevig, diocese of Bergen, Norway. He was baptized and confirmed in the same parish. On account of the death of his mother he had to leave home when a very young boy and he was brought up by strangers.

December 27, 1843, he was married to Synneva T. Lunde, who still lives and is about 90 years of age. He also leaves three children, Alice, Syvert, and Lewis. His son Thomas met death in a threshing machine accident on the 5th of August 1895. At about the age of 32 Wier Weeks was converted to his God and Savior who he faithfully served till his death.

In the spring of 1846 with his wife and two children he immigrated to America. He lived for a time at Muskego, Wisconsin, and then moved to Lisbon, Ill. In the fall of 1849 he settled on a farm near the present village of Helmar, called at that time North Prairie. He became a prosperous and respected citizen and deserves to be enrolled with our pioneers, as he built one of the first houses in the Norwegian settlement lying north of Lisbon and east of Newark. He lived there on the farm for more than 50 years, until his Lord and Savior called him home to that eternal rest for which he so long and so heartily sighed. His age was 87 years, 3 months, and ten days.

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